Whatcha Packin’ | S13 E6 | RuPaul's Drag Race

5 Fev 2021
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Michelle Visage chats with the latest eliminated queen about Season 13, and which look they would redo if they could!
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  • Season 12’s Rock M. Sakura crashes the Pit Stop and joins Trixie Mattel to recap the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race! brworld.info/crone/video/fplmktZopI_WYNU.html

    RuPaul's Drag RaceRuPaul's Drag Race27 dias atrás
  • 50??????? 😯😯😯😯😯

    Reece Darren BainbridgeReece Darren Bainbridge3 dias atrás
  • Cancel he is cuter as a boy

    Erica TejasErica Tejas6 dias atrás
  • Yes girl!!!

    Selena JordanSelena Jordan10 dias atrás
  • I love Tamisha SO MUCH

    DuchessKittyDuchessKitty13 dias atrás
  • That gown is absolutely stunning omg. Such a talented designer and beautiful spirit. I love her 🥰🥰

    Erik GlesneErik Glesne15 dias atrás
  • I hope the video comes out when she walked presentation for USofA in her red white and blue American flag gown ! Woooo when I tell you she walked that gown down that run way , you saw every queen rethink if they should continue in the pageant 😂😂😂😂

    yoboi01yoboi0116 dias atrás
  • Tamisha, you're truly an example to só many out here!! Love you!! South Africa 🇿🇦

    Jackie ErasmusJackie Erasmus17 dias atrás
  • This👏 was👏an👏 inspiration👏 to👏 watch👏 and👏 hear 👏 and 👏 see 👏tamisha iman 👏!

    John PeoplesJohn Peoples18 dias atrás
  • Tamisha is a class act. Through and through.

    KyrylTubeKyrylTube18 dias atrás
  • Tamisha us a Drag Icon

    Sinead BalesSinead Bales18 dias atrás
  • Oh Tamisha show us you in that finale gown! It's stunning, we love you Tamisha♡

    StoneyDanzaStoneyDanza19 dias atrás
  • is it me or did Kandy's hair in 7:35 the same as the hair that Olivia wore for the Bead runway?

    jorge chinjorge chin19 dias atrás
  • What an inspiration this queen is....

    Mirko Michele DimartinoMirko Michele Dimartino19 dias atrás
  • tamisha is marvelous, and omg she looks like she's 20/30 something...?? that dna, girl...she's AMAZING. can't wait to see her in all stars

    Isadora Delfino de AzevedoIsadora Delfino de Azevedo19 dias atrás
  • Has anyone else noticed how well worded Tamisha's runway speeches were? Love her!

    Goblin On A StickGoblin On A Stick19 dias atrás
  • bUt CeNtRaL jErSeY dOeSn’T eXiSt

    Aurelia Ca' ZorziAurelia Ca' Zorzi19 dias atrás
  • 💜💜💜💜🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    Karen LewisKaren Lewis19 dias atrás
  • THE fan favorite, I said what i said.

    Harley ChristoHarley Christo20 dias atrás
  • My mum went through chemo for stage 4 breast cancer around the same age that Tamisha was for her treatment. Seeing how exhausted my mum was after every treatment and how she bounced back in the years after makes me appreciate Tamisha’s work ethic and talent even more. And to compete with ostomy bag too? Amazing. I hope she gets the respect and appreciation she deserves. ICON. 💕

    J SJ S20 dias atrás
  • I simply adore both of you and wish this episode was a couple hours long as I can’t get enough of the honesty, vulnerability and inspiration from you both.

    Fearsome BeardFearsome Beard20 dias atrás
  • Tamisha in boy form looking like a total SNACK. I'll be overjoyed if I can look half that good when I'm 50!

    Simon TSimon T20 dias atrás
  • As someone with an ileostomy bag it's really refreshing to see them talked about in such an easy way on a show that is essentially part of pop culture... chatting about it's presence but not making it the only focus.

    MarkieMarkie20 dias atrás
  • Loved the banter ... they had Respect with each other.... “ I see you ... We see each other “!!

    CR LewisCR Lewis20 dias atrás
  • They got rid off the most interesting queen of the season.

    Camilo Gomez KeepCamilo Gomez Keep21 dia atrás
  • I love this episode so warm and caring, and I loved they chemistry together

    David StarksDavid Starks21 dia atrás
  • Tamisha is coming back next season

    Naeem WestNaeem West21 dia atrás
  • The producers must have known and they could have given her the little step touch that Gottmik and Tina had and she would have slayed it. She wasn't even anywhere near the worst in her week.

    Anissa AhmedAnissa Ahmed21 dia atrás
  • I wanted Tamisha to stay over Kandy. She’s inspirational.

    Adam ForganAdam Forgan21 dia atrás

    L G T GL G T G21 dia atrás
  • She’s so eloquent and genuinely classy

    Isha MiahIsha Miah21 dia atrás
  • I seriously hope the production team and Ru take this as an opportunity to really think about which storylines they want to push in the future, because she shouldnt have went home this episode and thats the tea

    tyler coletyler cole22 dias atrás
  • She is such an Icon. And I'm glad, so glad, that America has fallen in love with her too. She also has such a beautiful soul.

    Rotten Entertainment RottiRotten Entertainment Rotti22 dias atrás
  • What is this horrible background music

    BoneMeringueBoneMeringue22 dias atrás
  • Tamisha looks really well, that makes me happy ❤

    Sheila DMJSheila DMJ22 dias atrás
  • I love Tamisha Iman so much. So beautiful, so classy, so talented. And to my mind, she was dancing and looking like a 25 year old in that disco challenge with a freaking hole in her stomach. Jeez Tamisha. Can't even express how proud you can be.

    IT3210IT321022 dias atrás
  • Tamisha has the most beautiful eyes. Black widow eyes. Bring her back for All Stars!

    Gabrielle HoughtonGabrielle Houghton22 dias atrás
  • Beautiful Tamisha, incredible beautiful human being...God Bless ! Michelle, I absolutely love your makeup, stunning !

    Sylvie PelletierSylvie Pelletier23 dias atrás
  • Damn i hope i look that good at 50! pfft who am I kidding she looks better than I look at 40.

    gemgenie06gemgenie0623 dias atrás
  • damn they're in their 50s yet both of them look amazing!!!!

    macmac23 dias atrás
  • Tamisha being eliminated made me cry and then seeing her hug kandy made me cry harder

    Ch20Ch2023 dias atrás
  • I loved it when she clapped back at Kandy, when she said Simone was her biggest competition, and Tamisha said ‘’ no, no, no... she is competition, but she’s not the biggest... we all are here to win.’’

    Marco ArMarco Ar23 dias atrás
  • why is the season 1 filter back tho?

    John Peter Angelo GarciaJohn Peter Angelo Garcia23 dias atrás
  • Thank you both

    Vinícius BalestraVinícius Balestra24 dias atrás
  • brworld.info/crone/video/pZVst7yWgMGTrdU.html Ajuda meu canal ai Girlsss

    Lua MistikLua Mistik24 dias atrás
  • I'm so obsessed with Tamisha. I admire her so much. Her strength, her beauty, her presents. I wish her all the health in the world and I hope that she continuous getting opportunities to share her art with the world.

    Daniela BernalDaniela Bernal24 dias atrás
  • Kandi have the nerve to say tamisha is not star quality

    Nubian Queen NikkiNubian Queen Nikki24 dias atrás
  • I love Tamisha so much!!

    Anthony HurleyAnthony Hurley24 dias atrás

    SaulexisCLSaulexisCL24 dias atrás
  • Whats that song that plays on the end?

    RandgonzalezRandgonzalez24 dias atrás
  • Class. Act. 👏👏

    Brandi LynnBrandi Lynn24 dias atrás
  • Tamisha is to me a really inspiring and admirable person. There is something so strong yet so soft and so reassuring about her. Nothing but love for her!

    marisYeaamarisYeaa24 dias atrás
  • what a lovely person and so much strenght.love her

    insidespiral8insidespiral824 dias atrás
  • not Michelle tryna make central jersey real she ain't real... only thing truly central in jersey is Woodbridge n new Brunswick

    Eddie GrecoEddie Greco24 dias atrás
  • I love her so much! 💕

    AlejandraAlejandra24 dias atrás
  • I'm embarrassed to say I've not heard of Tamisha before Drag Race. But WOW am I in awe of her! Not only is she a beautiful queen and a great designer, but she is a fighter, a role model and an overall icon. The way she presents herself and her motherly tone when around other queens is amazing to me. What an actual legend!

    Ksenija ŠiljićKsenija Šiljić24 dias atrás
  • What an amazing Drag mother that she is. Biggest fan here 🥰🥰🙌🏾

    Joel KalpramJoel Kalpram24 dias atrás
  • He looks 30.

    Luke ByrdLuke Byrd24 dias atrás
  • Competing with a colostomy bag? Shooketh! Bravo!!! A true survivor!!!

    Wakanda ForeverWakanda Forever24 dias atrás
  • If Tamisha comes back for All Stars, dem other queens better not unpack!

    Sheikh AshrafSheikh Ashraf25 dias atrás
  • Can we just appreciate Tamishas face! In and out of drag they are stunning

    Mabias RMabias R25 dias atrás
  • He looks amazing, like he really is glowing.

    Alejandro RodriguezAlejandro Rodriguez25 dias atrás
  • OMG I almost cry, i love Tamisha sooo muuchh! QUEEN!

    Erick Leyva MartinezErick Leyva Martinez25 dias atrás

    AnnaElisavetta VonnedozzaAnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza25 dias atrás
  • I loved Tamisha's outfit and performance. She shouldn't have been in the bottom

    Halimat Atinuke FarayolaHalimat Atinuke Farayola25 dias atrás
  • Tamisha to ALL STARS.. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Bellgoffin cibeleBellgoffin cibele25 dias atrás
  • Love her! Maybe RPDR should have waited some more time for her to heal fully. Much 💘

    Yas QueenYas Queen25 dias atrás
  • Love Iman ❤️❤️❤️

    Eveling Francisca Córdova CaroEveling Francisca Córdova Caro25 dias atrás
  • Why they got that season 1 filter on Michelle 🤣

    Shea'Breon SharesShea'Breon Shares25 dias atrás
  • Damn...Tamisha is out here looking 30. How.

    Briony McCarterBriony McCarter25 dias atrás
  • How cool would it be to invite all the Queens to a RuPaul's Runway Fashion Show. This would give the Queens a chance to show off, stay current snd gag us all with some sickening looks!

    xander jamesxander james25 dias atrás
  • Tamisha Iman is the embodiment of this brand new adage: Strength of character is the ultimate look. And the rest is drag.

    True Stories ProjectTrue Stories Project25 dias atrás
  • Tamisha Iman is one of the greatest person to ever step on the werkroom. We 're so lucky to have her.

    Lays GuerreroLays Guerrero25 dias atrás
  • Looking forward to seeing her on All Stars!

    Amanda BAmanda B25 dias atrás
  • This was a very endearing episode of Whatcha Packin’. I can’t wait to see more of Tamisha Iman.

    Rachael JonesRachael Jones25 dias atrás
  • Tamisha is amazing, keep doing what you are doing!

    ZtmschnZtmschn25 dias atrás
  • Tamisha is gorgeous. In drag. Out of drag. Inside and outside.

    Faye OReillyFaye OReilly25 dias atrás
  • Icon!

    Caitlin AustinCaitlin Austin25 dias atrás
  • WOW make a Tamisha Iman sewing school to teach the children how to create fabulous clothes and give life lessons while doing it

    TreyTrey25 dias atrás
  • “Should we judge her like everyone else in this competition?” When did they start doing that? They always push certain queens down our throats and hardly give us a taste of other queens.

    TreyTrey25 dias atrás
  • Wait a damn minute, how is miss tamisha iman over there looking younger than the rest of the cast?

    Keke DariusKeke Darius25 dias atrás
  • Such a class act.

    yuotuebyuotueb25 dias atrás
  • Omg!! Tamisha is amazing!! An inspiration indeed!!! Love her!!

    tutti8047tutti804725 dias atrás
  • I love Tamisha. She is royalty!! Anyone who can go through all that hell and looking so good and making her own garments and being a drag mom and a real mom.... just an amazing human. 👏❤️🙏

    thenettenettenettethenettenettenette25 dias atrás
  • Tamisha for All Stars. Im here for it!!!!!!

    DRodriquezDRodriquez25 dias atrás
  • Noel LawsonNoel Lawson25 dias atrás
  • Please bring her on all stars or Season 14

    Clown NickClown Nick25 dias atrás
  • Shot on iPhone

    Elias GeißlerElias Geißler25 dias atrás
  • I love her from the beginning. Now to know she was fighting one of the worse forms of cancer . And to now know she never told anyone about and not talk it up to get people to feel sorry for her or complain about her inability to give her . This just states what humble amazing person is . Losing is the new winning and she’s a winner baby all the way .

    michelle Gerardmichelle Gerard25 dias atrás
  • I love Michelle’s new hair

    Kalie ParkinKalie Parkin25 dias atrás
  • Beautiful Queen looking so much healthier than in the confessional..I hope this is a true reflection of Tamisha getting her health back on track and feeling so much better. That blazer is on fire such a humble and beautiful Queen. I cried so much when Tamisha was eliminated.

    Zaneta DaviesZaneta Davies25 dias atrás
  • :( bring her back

    alanskullsalanskulls25 dias atrás
  • They really throwing back with that season 1 filter

    Law RenceLaw Rence25 dias atrás
  • She is such a Lady. I love her!! ALL STARS!!! 🤩🤩🤩

    Elizabeth KaneyElizabeth Kaney25 dias atrás

    Charmaine CrumbyCharmaine Crumby25 dias atrás
  • Tamisha is so handsome and beautiful all at the same time 💕

    BC VCBC VC25 dias atrás
  • She was and is still gorgeous! ❤ i love how she was just so open with everything given to her.

    xxonspotlightxxonspotlight26 dias atrás
  • Okay I need that blazer that Tamisha is wearing. Anyone know where I can find something like that?

    Nicholas MejiaNicholas Mejia26 dias atrás
  • wow michelle actually likes someone

    Araceli MuñozAraceli Muñoz26 dias atrás
  • I love Tamisha even more after this interview.

    Drew DimsonDrew Dimson26 dias atrás