Whatcha Packin’ | S13 E5 | RuPaul's Drag Race

29 Jan 2021
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Michelle Visage talks to the latest eliminated queen about Season 13, and who they were planning to do for the Snatch Game!
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  • its been a MONTH and only 4 queens have left the competition

    Ana Clara RezinovskyAna Clara Rezinovsky3 dias atrás
  • Girl she's crazy, she looks good in the blonde wig🤏

    Erica TejasErica Tejas12 dias atrás
  • No wig is okay sometimes. But when you have short hair I think you should mix it up and use wigs at times like he did.

    RF DRF D15 dias atrás
  • She had such a good lipsync. Yes, Lala Ri was a bit better but overall, Joey had the better looks and did better in the competition. So I thought they would either let Tamisha lipsync for the mother-daughter drama or save Joey because Lala Ri was just not bringing it.

    AkümaAküma18 dias atrás
  • I think she should experiment with some short wigs.

    old account 😵old account 😵24 dias atrás
  • Both Michelle and Ru laugh to literally anything. I want whatever they're on, please

    Hugo SävströmHugo Sävström25 dias atrás
  • I hope Utica doesn’t get eliminated!!! I hope she wins!!! 💚💚💚🤍🤍🤍

    Hunter CraigHunter Craig25 dias atrás
  • IVY AND POISON IVY ARE DIFFERENT!!!! For the last time... God!!!!

    melbatoast667melbatoast66725 dias atrás
  • i don't know but i don't feel that he true to him self the make up the hair he stole Brooke Hytes look

    Sandro KozlovskiSandro Kozlovski26 dias atrás
  • I love casual Michelle

    Katherine LachcikKatherine Lachcik26 dias atrás
  • Cruella de vil🤣

    Chris CookChris Cook27 dias atrás
  • Definitely not the brightest queen but so cute.

    Nick MtlNick Mtl27 dias atrás
  • Well...Michelle asks who he was going to do...not if it would be good or not...A very Gay point to Joey Jay

    Sleep WithSleep With28 dias atrás
  • This is my hair...I dont wear wigs. Alaska owes you money

    Sleep WithSleep With28 dias atrás
  • I think Joey will be perfect for an Allstars because his personality & starpower definitely shine but I think he needs more time to grow in drag.

    Kraye InluvKraye Inluv28 dias atrás
  • His walk SO reminds me of Eva from ANTM.

    MARCIA AKA JerseyGirlMARCIA AKA JerseyGirl28 dias atrás
  • His so cute 🥰

    John BJohn B28 dias atrás
  • Joey Jay may be attractive but his mannerisms are annoying and no it’s not because he’s fem i love fem guys there’s just something about him that turns me off. I think that’s probably why he’s still single.

    Chris P.Chris P.28 dias atrás
  • He is the cutest one out of drag

    Lívio Corrêa SantosLívio Corrêa Santos29 dias atrás
  • He's such a sweetheart!

    Chazz PeriodChazz PeriodMês atrás
  • why is it the last name bleep?

    juan mejiajuan mejiaMês atrás
  • Wisconsin!!!! Hey!!!!! I'm here too!!!!

    Rosie RRosie RMês atrás
  • Michelle looks beautiful

    D HD HMês atrás

    Büşra GüvenBüşra GüvenMês atrás
  • I do hope we start seeing more queens with their natural hair.

    New Horizons For FiftyNew Horizons For FiftyMês atrás

    Renzo Kevin EnriquezRenzo Kevin EnriquezMês atrás
  • To me he's just as, if not hotter than, Milk

    Jesus LopezJesus LopezMês atrás
  • lol I don't think the judges know that poison ivy is not the only kind of ivy plant, and that Ivy is a plant group lolllllllll

    JeppieJeppieMês atrás
  • #MichelleVisage loving the hair & colors ❤ #hairflip #seandavieway ❤

    Ms. A. BrannonMs. A. BrannonMês atrás
  • I love the skunk hair

    under S7under S7Mês atrás
  • I love Michelle's hair 😍

    that girl with the camerathat girl with the cameraMês atrás
  • Prove me wrong The most Trade of any season of Drag race like Jesus He’s So hot out of Drag !

    Al NikkoAl NikkoMês atrás
  • The amount of airbrush on michelles face always makes me think my screen is oily or that the video is lower quality

    ZevsZevsMês atrás
  • Michelle to Coco Montrese: You are wearing leapard and you are using a leapard background for your perfume commercial? So Michelle, you are wearing a pink dress sitting with a pink background for this episode of what you packing? So I guess you don't pay attention to what you critique in the past?... I will take your silent as a NO! Moving on....

    Jose CarrilloJose CarrilloMês atrás
  • Awww, I was really loving Joey Jay's personality and energy on the show!

    HeyIffHeyIffMês atrás
  • Michelle: What look would you do differently? Joey:My entrance. Aka the only good look she had and the only look I liked from her, and she wouldn't wear a wig either? YIKES.

    karbtastickarbtasticMês atrás
  • Joey jay still doesn't get the Poison IV Bag pun....WoW🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

    Malachi Tucker GumbsMalachi Tucker GumbsMês atrás
  • I love Joey's walk... ugh. 😍

    R SR SMês atrás
  • I wish that they included picture of what they wore.

    Asher FayeAsher FayeMês atrás
  • OMG Michelle Visage is looking like The Vivienne from Drag Race UK.

    Leonardo AlvesLeonardo AlvesMês atrás
  • This soft season 1 lighting is killing me.

    MattMattMês atrás
  • That was the challenge I was gonna go home on 💀💀

    Kerry FloraKerry FloraMês atrás
  • guys, tone it down on michelle's blur! Haahaaahahaahaahhahha

    Sofia Jan ManlapazSofia Jan ManlapazMês atrás
  • The most beautiful boy I have ever laid my eyes on.

    ghosty4ghosty4Mês atrás
  • Ewww

    Connie BeeConnie BeeMês atrás
  • She is a phenomenal queen who 100% needs to come back!!!!! What a dazzling personality :D

    Nichele RoseNichele RoseMês atrás
  • Joey is the physical embodiment of my ADHD

    TheNravelesTheNravelesMês atrás
  • We need a UK watcha packin' for real

    Miss Lime PeruMiss Lime PeruMês atrás
  • They thing about Joey J is that she's a queen in progress. Her drag narrative is still being formed, hence, the inability to fully articulate her thoughts. (Kudos for WOW for leaving it in the edit). It's charming to see a young artist trying to work out their vision. What JJ has is the most valuable and rarest: STAR POWER - that is a huge advantage.

    emil lionemil lionMês atrás
  • ugh, I hate rus comment about Utica being too campy... like... stop trying to change queens to fit ur perfect mould

    IminaraaageIminaraaageMês atrás
  • Joey is not gay!

    SEANSEANMês atrás
  • The whole Poison IV/Ivy thing The cluelessness around Jamie Lee Curtis I’m not sure if he has all of his bricks in a row. 🤣🤪 LOL. That said - he is GORGEOUS!!! 😱

    Chris ConklingChris ConklingMês atrás
  • He is so darn CUTE!!! I'm in El Paso...I may pay a visit (roadtrip) and watch you perform.

    Rocco ReynaRocco ReynaMês atrás
  • What does it mean to be a drag queen and gay

    Becky GoodyBecky GoodyMês atrás
  • “That’s the challenge I was gonna go home on” DEAD 💀😂😂

    Bdv2403Bdv2403Mês atrás
  • Michelle's hair is so beautiful here

    Logan HubbardLogan HubbardMês atrás
  • Joey i love you

    OhhhNashyboy TVOhhhNashyboy TVMês atrás
  • Michele got rid of her boobs and now she has grey hair? Ummm no. Wrong look.

    drinny26drinny26Mês atrás
  • Michelle’s laugh is so infectious 😂 🤗

    itzchichiitzchichiMês atrás

    Nugraha RendraNugraha RendraMês atrás
  • I love how Michelle makes faces likes she is jusging

    Valentin KöhlerValentin KöhlerMês atrás
  • They need to do "RuPaul's Snatch Game Special"! ALL of the queens who were eliminated BEFORE they got to do Snatch Game compete. We would get to see what they were going to do. :)

    Kiwi JelloKiwi JelloMês atrás
  • This is the first Watcha Packin' episode ever in which I see Michelle being SHADY! They definitely want to spice it up...

    bitbitboibitbitboiMês atrás
  • Am I the only one who thinks the ivy bag joke/explanation is going over the JUDGES heads? 😓

    Stephanie NguyenStephanie NguyenMês atrás
  • Michelle giving us HOT MAMMA vibes

    Sinead BalesSinead BalesMês atrás
  • No Translator Button activated = No Like !!!!! American Poeple, you're not the only poeple living on Planet Earth !!!!!!!!

    Yannick ChauveauYannick ChauveauMês atrás
  • Living for Michelle’s make up

    Paige WPaige WMês atrás
  • Thank you for not having spoilers in thumbnails for this and lipsync this time

    GalaktycznyPiesGalaktycznyPiesMês atrás
  • Joey wasn't sure about his Snatch Game though. But that's fine. He'll probably learn new things!

    Arren HidalgoArren HidalgoMês atrás
  • JUST TO BE CLEAR!!! .. .Poison Ivy is not what was on the garment! It was just IVY ... Poison Ivy, is not a vine nor does it look like Ivy! She put IVY on her garment that was to elude to a Bag Reference. An I V ... and IVY, no correlation!

    Robert JungeRobert JungeMês atrás
  • Gutted Joey left this episode 😢 Definitely trade of the season 🙂

    Catherine EdgsonCatherine EdgsonMês atrás
  • Okay but the Jamie Lee Curtis would’ve been funny lowkey 💀

    Trumpettricks88Trumpettricks88Mês atrás
  • Joey jay is so handsome...ugh, put him next to Milk and Pearl!

    Mond BMond BMês atrás
  • He gives me april carrion someone please get a dna test

    Juliana-Taylor CabreraJuliana-Taylor CabreraMês atrás
  • Love a madison shoutout ily 💗

    Katherine ZingaleKatherine ZingaleMês atrás
  • Not gonna lie, I still think she shouldn't have been in the bottom 2... her dress was cute

    Stephie KStephie KMês atrás
  • So PURE!!!

    Val BVal BMês atrás
  • #TeamVisage

    AJ SarabiaAJ SarabiaMês atrás
  • okay but does anyone know what song they use at the end when the Whatcha Packin logo comes out?? it’s been stuck in my head since like the first promo when it was used and i can’t find the song🥴🥴

    Brian MartinezBrian MartinezMês atrás
  • Michelle used to be catty

    OrnaciaOrnaciaMês atrás
  • Awwww he’s so cute and so fun. I feel like we didn’t get to see his full lip sync ability

    Ryan LauerRyan LauerMês atrás
  • I really like Joey Jay

    MegaAlfiesMegaAlfiesMês atrás
  • Michelle truly said, “you Joey Jay are so much fun to watch, you’re such a joy.” After those eye daggers and shady pauses... and questions.

    beryl crustberyl crustMês atrás
  • It was AN IVY BAGGG!!! Period!!!!!!!!!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    beryl crustberyl crustMês atrás
  • Joey: what are you doing right now girl? Iconic line from untucked hahaha

    garyau1994garyau1994Mês atrás
  • What’s going on here

    Anthony P. Ramirez llAnthony P. Ramirez llMês atrás
  • I was so rooting for Joey Jay. I am so sad

    Emily WeeksEmily WeeksMês atrás
  • If she is a Dancer/Choreographer, why did she lose 2 lipsyncs?

    Miguel Contreras VillegasMiguel Contreras VillegasMês atrás
  • oh weve seen what joey j is packing, and its ALOT

    mistermakeupmanmistermakeupmanMês atrás
  • Michelle what is up with your hair disgusting look like Cruella

    Bren TaylorBren TaylorMês atrás
  • Joey has the CUTEST smile!

    Worker BeeWorker BeeMês atrás
  • Michelle started to looking tired and old

    Erika TanksErika TanksMês atrás
  • She looks like she’s about to make a coat of Dalmatians fur...

    Ryan TheLionRyan TheLionMês atrás
  • 🥲🥲🥲🥲 aweeeeeee wish we weren’t seeing you this early baby but can’t wait to see you take over the world 😍

    Alfredo DiazAlfredo DiazMês atrás
  • low-key I hated the fact that he didn't wear a wig, kinda took us out of the drag/female illusion...ya know? 😖

    Tyrel OltonTyrel OltonMês atrás
  • Where is the link to my poison ivy bag t-shirt!?!?!?!?!

    mrbear1302mrbear1302Mês atrás
  • I love our Arizona Joey but he didn't stand a chance...😔

    Marques Q.Marques Q.Mês atrás

    Mia AndersonMia AndersonMês atrás
  • Why does 0:35 - 0:50 feels like some kind of conversation in a listening hahaha

    KijimeaKijimeaMês atrás
  • Okay but poison IV bag was perfect. Why did carson play Joey like that

    Nick BrandonNick BrandonMês atrás
    • It was perfect. The thing is that Joey doesn't get the pun about poison ivy. Probably because they get their looks made.

      MridulMridulMês atrás