Watch Act 1 of S13 E7 👑 Bossy Rossy: The RuBoot | RuPaul’s Drag Race

10 Fev 2021
544 420 Visualizações

The library is open as the divas get ready for a hilarious improv challenge! Don’t miss a new #DragRace​ Friday at 8/7c on VH1! 💅
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  • I feel so bad for Elliot, looking at her moment when nobody laughed, and if people did laugh they laughed because of second-hand embarrassment, Elliot has said before she feels like the weird kid nobody wants to be friends with, and seeing that Tina complained about being with Elliot Is also sad, I was sad when she got eliminated since she could of proven to the other queens that she was more than just an out-cast...

    Andres RamírezAndres RamírezDia atrás
  • just realised elliott is wearing the jacket she made in the bag ball

    mm3 dias atrás
  • Is it me? Or no one read Eliott with 2t's?

    Your ChivalryYour Chivalry6 dias atrás
  • Celine Dion never said "it's a new day" She said "a new day has come" That irked me

    Darell GrantDarell Grant10 dias atrás
  • Lmao what I wouldve said to Tina is "Ba da ba ba ba, I'm not loving it. Ronald McDonald called, he wants his color pallet back."

    Matthew HansenMatthew Hansen11 dias atrás
  • Olivia is to cute for this world ❤️

    Keavy DraneKeavy Drane11 dias atrás
  • Is she still there ........ Kandi is not the one................. she talks to damn much..... bad attitude...

    Regina RossRegina Ross12 dias atrás
  • Bossy Rossy 3 electric rugaloo anyone?

    HookerHooker12 dias atrás

    Luiz Paulo NascimentoLuiz Paulo Nascimento12 dias atrás
  • we havent had a good reading challenge in years

    leo jleo j13 dias atrás
  • Why do I relate to Elliott so much when it comes to making relationships with others but coming off as awkward

    Kit KatKit Kat14 dias atrás
  • no shade, there are some talents but nothing to compare with season 12. all together this is a weaker cast.

    Szabolcs BaktiSzabolcs Bakti15 dias atrás
  • 5:10 don’t mind me i just love how she said what

    Zaid KhanZaid Khan15 dias atrás
  • Elliott is horrible

    Melvin WilliamsMelvin Williams16 dias atrás
  • Gottmik’s read was so good xD

    Merp MerpMerp Merp17 dias atrás
  • There really giving Gotmeh favorable editing and treatment. 🙄

    Lewis SpinkLewis Spink17 dias atrás
  • Someone explain symones read to Tina to me I don’t get why it’s funny

    shoelace buckleshoelace buckle17 dias atrás
  • elliot's reads were TERRIBLE...sorry but you know she didnt even read those girls a quarter of the way into the was so awkward just listening to the silence 💀

    SporkSpork17 dias atrás
  • I love everything about Rosé’s lips, teeth and smile 😍

    S AS A17 dias atrás
  • Ru laugh takes me out .. 😂.

    Ithaka Yakame'Ithaka Yakame'18 dias atrás
  • i love the way she said tap water 💀

    gravityg.M0Vgravityg.M0V18 dias atrás
  • If Rosé laughs and smiles like she did during the reading, she’ll probably be more likeable.

    Carl ShinodaCarl Shinoda18 dias atrás
  • Finally Rupaul knows how to dress cool when out of drag. Please don’t go back to those tiny bargain basement jackets.

    Carl ShinodaCarl Shinoda18 dias atrás
  • As sherry pie in season 12 i will pretend gotmik is inexistent, congratulations to the other queens (except tina, elliot and yucatan that was terrible) they are for me the winners.

    COATLCOATL19 dias atrás
  • I can't with Kandy's voice.

    Tyrone MorganTyrone Morgan19 dias atrás
  • Has anyone noticed no one’s read Eliott?😮

    _monamono__monamono_19 dias atrás
  • I don't like how these queens are making Elliott feel like she's the unwanted one in the group.

    Tshepang McunuTshepang Mcunu19 dias atrás
  • Me now knowing that Elliotts reads were just micro aggressions disguised as “bad humor”. This didn’t age well.... 😬😬😬😬

    Madame MayhemMadame Mayhem19 dias atrás
  • You know what her comment about Denali wasn’t bad she seems to be edged out by all of them like they’re being mean?

    B.B.19 dias atrás
    • But I have no idea because I gotta watch only clips of this damn season on BRworld loll

      B.B.19 dias atrás
  • Was I the only one that noticed that Asia was the model on the prize that was won during the mini challenge?

    Dixie RaeDixie Rae20 dias atrás
  • A read that I need to hear at some point: “I really do think that you’re going to struggle in snatch game, because so far it seems you can’t play anything except for the victim!”

    random trashrandom trash20 dias atrás
  • Ugh I'm so tired of Kandy 😒

    Brandy RoseBrandy Rose20 dias atrás
  • Kandy didn't send Tamisha home. Ru let Kandy stay. There is a difference. Let the delusion flow freely.

    L. B.L. B.20 dias atrás
  • That reading was weak

    Cris S.Cris S.20 dias atrás
  • I feel utica is the weakest link..

    mcht50202mcht5020220 dias atrás
  • Got Mic is so gross

    Angie DickinsonAngie Dickinson20 dias atrás
  • Yep, just stopped the vid before Elliot says a word...that was cringe.

    Justin Angelo AlvarezJustin Angelo Alvarez20 dias atrás
  • This season's literacy rate is def lower than other seasons

    joyoftessajoyoftessa20 dias atrás
  • Utica giving Tina the Kubrick stare though.

    Dave StriderDave Strider20 dias atrás

    jarednil69jarednil6920 dias atrás
  • These lousy ass reads.

    Karl Emmanuel CamasisKarl Emmanuel Camasis21 dia atrás
  • Rosé 😍😍😍😍😍 so handsome

    Alejandra AraujoAlejandra Araujo21 dia atrás
  • it's beyond me to understand how someone calls this UNBEARABLE Ross Mathews funny ... He is tiring and very boring.

    Augusto JorgensenAugusto Jorgensen21 dia atrás
  • Rosé's reaction to Elliott's first read is gold

    benjaespinosa2benjaespinosa221 dia atrás
  • Such a great show 🎤 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🥂🥂🥂

    Gilberto SantosGilberto Santos21 dia atrás
  • Are we really supposed to think the three mean girls didn't prepare the reads AND the volleys beforehand? Gotmik read Tina and Kandy and won, what a surprise! The favoritism is real.

    skiboiskiboi21 dia atrás
  • Put Tina in a fucking time out, those colors I mean my god.

    Matthew DispenzaMatthew Dispenza21 dia atrás
  • Since this season began, I whole heartedly rooting for Rosé 💋💖

    pancake divepancake dive21 dia atrás
  • Yawn

    Jennifer LynnJennifer Lynn21 dia atrás
  • I feel bad for Elliott, and I can totally relate too.

    Lio MurdestLio Murdest21 dia atrás
  • Also I’m sooooo happy my girl kandi got a all over good weeeeeeek thank uuuuuuuu lorrdd

    No more Fucking H&MNo more Fucking H&M21 dia atrás
  • Elliott can’t take criticism and it’s obvious now that these micro aggressions are the reason the bitch cant bond with people

    No more Fucking H&MNo more Fucking H&M21 dia atrás
  • Omg how tf was kandy in the top over rosé/Denali this is riggggggggggggggged

    Blue PearlBlue Pearl21 dia atrás
  • missed opportunity to say something about tinas ronald mc donald fantasy. also kandys "read" was basically the same as eureka saying "i don't have a read please just f*ck me" to kameron XD unless i didn't understand her which is always an option with kandy

    shiroi201shiroi20121 dia atrás
  • Tina Burner should be disqualified for misquoting Celine Dion

    swooningtreeswooningtree21 dia atrás
  • In this episode Olivia behaved like a diva and a little selfish, besides she's always the one who starts the debate, I don't like her

    Verónica Melanie Jorge LlumpoVerónica Melanie Jorge Llumpo21 dia atrás
  • These aren’t even that good lol

    PearPear21 dia atrás
  • Ugh Elliott is a pick me gurl

    theexcellent 27theexcellent 2721 dia atrás
  • Nobody: Rupaul: THE REBOOT!!!!

    Shayne L.Shayne L.21 dia atrás
  • Rupaul outfit really give my attention the whole time

    Apra hadnApra hadn21 dia atrás
  • I really don’t feel kandy muse has good drag

    marlice PRmarlice PR21 dia atrás
  • After watching the latest episode I'm really over how immature so many of the queens (Gottmik, Kandy, Symone, Tina) are this season. Its annoying and petty. I hope they're embarrassed when they watch the show back.

    Aron VicAron Vic21 dia atrás
  • Thank good tamisha is not there during the read coz she’s sour

    Easy life with Syed !Easy life with Syed !21 dia atrás
  • I forgot to realize that this is the first reading challenge without the pit crew...

    lollipop 516lollipop 51621 dia atrás
  • I never understand when girls are in the bottom and might go home, the are saying "I'm about to lose everything I worked for". Have you not seen other Ru Girls careers? You will not go to prison after being eliminated.

    Chris MarrinChris Marrin21 dia atrás
  • ok the jokes about kandy’s sexual attraction to joey is getting a lot weirder and more uncomfortable to watch :/

    Charmaine WCharmaine W22 dias atrás
  • idk about y’all but i love elliott’s akwardness so much lmaoo

    Onin BaluyotOnin Baluyot22 dias atrás
  • No one else loving Ru's werk room outfit? 😶😋 Seriously love the flares with platforms.

    S GunnS Gunn22 dias atrás
  • Was this episode on tonight? My DVR didn’t even record it. 😭😭😭

    Chris SlayerChris Slayer22 dias atrás
  • Ok Ik he’s gay be rosè is really good looking

    Sonia DouglasSonia Douglas22 dias atrás
  • It is TS Madison’s time!! I’m so excited for her 🙌🏾😍

    SunclouudSunclouud22 dias atrás
  • Why is no one talking about them making Elliot the outcast ??

    Alisha RaeAlisha Rae22 dias atrás
  • Why is it february 12th but drag race isn't on yet? Why is mean girls on? wtf

    HinderizedHinderized22 dias atrás
  • all these reads were trash.... bring tamisha back... she is coming for you!

    Manuel BarriosManuel Barrios22 dias atrás
  • listen i know there has to be a flop in the library but jeesus the editors didnt hold back on miss with two tts

    Ana C.RAna C.R22 dias atrás
  • olivia lmaooooooo darling noooo

    Ana C.RAna C.R22 dias atrás
  • Drags, send Kandy away for good!!! 🥾 🥾 👋🏻

    Viktor M.Viktor M.22 dias atrás
  • tina's orange wig still hurts my soul

    Ana C.RAna C.R22 dias atrás
  • Hope the Elliot curse continues and Tina gets kicked out.

    Arturo CostaArturo Costa22 dias atrás
  • I still don’t know how oliva won that challenge and Tina is still in this competition

    Julia CarvajalJulia Carvajal22 dias atrás
  • Why noone shows emphaty for Elliot?😟

    Mirko IlicMirko Ilic22 dias atrás
  • Don't like Gotmikk!

    jochatfieldjochatfield22 dias atrás
  • I feel It for Eliott...

    Ayrtsenn ParraAyrtsenn Parra22 dias atrás
  • the reading challenge this season - meh. forgettable.

    tay rtay r22 dias atrás
    • condragulations you are the winner

      AaronAaron19 dias atrás
  • I love elliott so much. I wish the other queens would be inclusive of him more. :/

    Micah cravenMicah craven22 dias atrás
  • When Elliott threw the red cape I thought she was gonna make a joke about Kandy looking like a bull but damn that read fell flatter than Tina’s wigs.

    The OutsiderThe Outsider22 dias atrás
  • Lala's 'Tap Water' read has the same energy as Tatianna's 'MeXIcAn' one

    Look At Me I'm Sandra DeeLook At Me I'm Sandra Dee22 dias atrás
  • Can definitely tell who’s gonna be in the bottom 2 from the way they edited this.

    The OutsiderThe Outsider22 dias atrás
  • I feel bad for Elliott

    painpain22 dias atrás
  • “Have much Tina have you actually burned bitch?” I genuinely fell to floor laughing

    ZxaviannZxaviann22 dias atrás
  • Eliza thornberry lookin ROUGH nowadays

    elle driverelle driver22 dias atrás
  • I was today years old when I learned tina is slang for crystal meth

    OMGshinyobjectOMGshinyobject22 dias atrás
  • I really like Elliott with two t’s. I just feel bad for her cause she feels like the odd man out. Idk maybe I just relate to her so much. Also, unpopular opinion I think Elliott has the cutest nose. Lol yes I’m weird

    Lynnae ArchieLynnae Archie22 dias atrás
    • @Nug okay thank you, I’m going to check it out.

      Lynnae ArchieLynnae Archie22 dias atrás
    • @Lynnae Archie hmm ive just seen a few things mentioned I think looking up a better source would give you a more accurate idea. I think Mera Mangle made a video where she went over all the different things

      NugNug22 dias atrás
    • @Nug oh really? Like what?

      Lynnae ArchieLynnae Archie22 dias atrás
    • I kinda did, but she been saying some :/ things online lately

      NugNug22 dias atrás
  • It is time for LalaRi to go lalari, lalara...bye bye🙋

    Ben ValeBen Vale22 dias atrás
    • Actually it is time to send Kandy HOME. It's time to send back to the Farm her cacophonous noises too....

      Ben ValeBen Vale22 dias atrás

    Henry WachsHenry Wachs22 dias atrás
  • 2 Ts is anticlimax. Dammmmnnnnn

    Sohani AidilSohani Aidil22 dias atrás
  • 6:38 I CANT!!! SO SWEET 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Emii SykesEmii Sykes22 dias atrás
  • She felt guilty? Ha!

    David HuttonDavid Hutton22 dias atrás
  • They did so well but nothing can top Jujubee's reads

    Jô MesquitaJô Mesquita22 dias atrás
    • Or Bendela, Jinkx or Katya

      Lily IrisLily Iris22 dias atrás
  • I don't get utica's whale joke

    CucumamacacapipiCucumamacacapipi22 dias atrás