Watch Act 1 of S13 E5 👑 The Bag Ball | RuPaul’s Drag Race

27 Jan 2021
586 538 Visualizações

After the first elimination, tensions rise as the queens get ready for The Bag Ball! 💃👛. Don’t miss a new #DragRace Friday at 8/7c on VH1! 💅
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    RuPaul's Drag RaceRuPaul's Drag RaceMês atrás
    • no sensible 74? =/

      lim henglim hengMês atrás
    • Thanks Tamisha

      Luiz FeernandoLuiz FeernandoMês atrás
    • Why can't I purchase season 13 on youtube @Rupaul's Drag Race

      Petty LaBitchPetty LaBitchMês atrás
    • P.s, you forgot to include: - Black Velvet Lipsync - Eartha Kitt Snatch Game - Final runway in AS5 - "Miss Tyra, was your BBQ cancelled? Cause your grill is F***D UP!" ...just to name a few

      Mandella 007Mandella 007Mês atrás
    • @Piero Simeón j hi m

      BeefBeefMês atrás
  • Sorry, but baby drag was very questionable!

    Lilly DeeLilly Dee5 dias atrás

    JoshuaJoshua10 dias atrás
  • not tamisha going home right after😭

    Avash BhattaraiAvash Bhattarai16 dias atrás
  • Denali deserved more praise from the girls for that epic lipsync

    Marcus Vinicius SiqueiraMarcus Vinicius Siqueira17 dias atrás

    John StewartJohn Stewart23 dias atrás
  • I’m just Watching for Miss “Tamisha” I miss my mom

    Al NikkoAl Nikko24 dias atrás
  • Rosé's mom is Lil Poundcake, y'all clock that?

    Arsenik17Arsenik1724 dias atrás
  • So Kandy is the Brita of the season? Got it.

    Gökhan TozanGökhan Tozan28 dias atrás
  • Stan tamisha Iman for clear skin

    Polly Hazel DyePolly Hazel Dye29 dias atrás
  • God I can not stand kandy! She is so messy and just bitchy

    TheDollWithaGunTheDollWithaGun29 dias atrás
  • Tina's baby look is a grandma look

    Lu LuLu Lu29 dias atrás
  • Tamisha brings such a classic form of drag I haven't seen since season 4. It's almost refreshing amongst the new generation of drag.

    aaMês atrás
  • And kandy is surprised and offended when people call her arrogant.

    Se SquSe SquMês atrás
  • Is tina supossed to be a baby?

    facundo fabrizio toscano cuyafacundo fabrizio toscano cuyaMês atrás
  • 1:47 TAMIIIIIIISHA! At this moment I LOVE YOU! Wurrrrrrk :)

    K MinaK MinaMês atrás
  • Sooooo nice that Tina could help Kandy out of her dress that Tina helped her make,lol Kandy, Tina and Gottmik are being portrayed as a very cocky clique right now.... hope they get taken down a peg.

    reid strandreid strandMês atrás
  • I don’t like tamisha

    SimplyKatexoSimplyKatexoMês atrás
  • Y’all hating on Kandy but I think she’s fucking hilarious 😆 girl is the spotlight

    Christopher AndersenChristopher AndersenMês atrás
  • தமீஷா என்பது நமக்குத் தேவையான அனைத்தும்

    Naga RajaNaga RajaMês atrás
  • DRAMA i love it

    Jersse WayneJersse WayneMês atrás
  • WTF am i watching

    Sairam GopinathSairam GopinathMês atrás
    • We got a Straight

      Chaos ChileChaos Chile26 dias atrás
    • Rupauls drag race?

      ImDedInsideImDedInsideMês atrás
  • update: Kandy never came back with her look

    aaminah naveedaaminah naveedMês atrás
  • Thank you subtitles! I finally understand what Kandy was saying all these years! 😂😂😂

    Renier Delos SantosRenier Delos SantosMês atrás
  • So from what I am seeing is that Phi phi got a tan and Sharon gained weight. Only those two fight like that. Lol.

    Peter BohanPeter BohanMês atrás

    Fidencio Del ToroFidencio Del ToroMês atrás
  • Candy stop bullying Elliott if she is as bad as you think she is she will go soon .Also if you are as good as you think you are yuou have no need to belittle others

    Margaret BoltonMargaret BoltonMês atrás
  • rosé in that damm baby outfit😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Jill ParkerJill ParkerMês atrás
  • Lmao top 2 Kandy... I thought if symone didn’t have such an amazing look I feel like the win would of gone to Rosé, even if kandy had an even elevated outfit, I preferred Rosé acting over Kandy and I thought Olivia would of been top three since her outfit in my opinion was the best and her acting was the funniest as well in her group, but Symone won that hands down.

    nykeconnykeconMês atrás
  • 1:33 RRRRAH

    Gerva rehGerva rehMês atrás
  • People need to stop saying they don't understand Kandy cuz of a ny accent AH NO! That's a chubby latina accent and the lisp don't help.

    Kelly MartinezKelly MartinezMês atrás
  • Kandy is sooo pretty

    Charles DragonCharles DragonMês atrás
  • Tamisha: Twisted, busted wig on your head LOL

    dak85016dak85016Mês atrás
  • Thank you Tamisha for knocking some sense into this child.

    Laura TheFanGirlLaura TheFanGirlMês atrás
  • the baby stuff is weird

    ha roha roMês atrás
  • Kandy has way too much pride and Tamisha is putting her in her place

    Modjadji MabasaModjadji MabasaMês atrás
  • I love love, love Tamisha for always keeping it real and bringing people back to earth. We need to protect her at all costs y’all.

    Tyler SmithTyler SmithMês atrás
  • If Denali or Tamisha don't win Miss Congeniality (if one didnt win) I'm gonna be upset😤

    Sashauna BentSashauna BentMês atrás
  • Tamisha iman and kandy muse reminds me of Bianca and Laganja

    Brandon ScottBrandon ScottMês atrás
  • Oh you are so arrogant i dont like you but: "you are not on my level hah"

    The RottenThe RottenMês atrás
  • Fast forward one week and it’s “am I arrogant to you!!” Lol. Kandy Muse is a mess!

    Alex DanielAlex DanielMês atrás
  • The decay of my country

    Reese GundersonReese GundersonMês atrás
  • They better not give Elliott the Aiden Zhane treatment. I hate when people get ganged up on.

    TheJermaineEventTheJermaineEventMês atrás
  • I dont like Candy Muse. She has too much mouth and brags on herself too much. She ain't all that. My face is Samone.

    Velisa GorhamVelisa GorhamMês atrás
  • ok, tamisha was right about what she said.

    Michael !Michael !Mês atrás
  • "...500 years..." LMAO

    Lindi LooLindi LooMês atrás
  • Kandy: Iellhfsse45hgfc Tamisha: Okay, remember you said that Kandy: 👁👄👁

    Da BarbieDa BarbieMês atrás
  • I love Tamisha LoL

    Khoa TruongKhoa TruongMês atrás
  • Elliott is growing on me

    Khoa TruongKhoa TruongMês atrás
  • Kandy needs to go for the simple fact that I literally do not understand a word she is saying. No, I'm just kidding, I don't like her vibes. Periodt.

    Kaio no MundoKaio no MundoMês atrás
  • Why does Kandy Muse look like she is missing her dentures?

    Greggy EstoniloGreggy EstoniloMês atrás
  • When will we be able to stream this episode for those who missed it last night

    LaFay CharkLaFay CharkMês atrás
  • Whats up with Kandys mouth?

    Laura BLaura BMês atrás
  • Kandy: I feel like Elliott should've been in the bottom Uh maybe look in a mirror before you say that.....👀

    Curmageon CatCurmageon CatMês atrás
  • #teamTAMISHA Kandy is crazy as hell lol 😂

    AD31906AD31906Mês atrás
  • is Candy missing teeth lol. Can never see his top teeth lol

    Abbie C.Abbie C.Mês atrás
  • really can’t believe kandy could sit there and say all that with her busted wig and makeup, girl cmon!!

    Christina MatangosChristina MatangosMês atrás

    Dany HookDany HookMês atrás
  • Elliot is soooooooooo hated for no reason at all

    Dillon BurgessDillon BurgessMês atrás
  • Gurl why do queens audition if you can’t sew????

    Quion das JJQuion das JJMês atrás
  • Is no one gonna talk about how they bringing Nicole back so soon 😭

    Quion das JJQuion das JJMês atrás
  • Does anyone know why it's not playing on VH1?

    Ms. TaylorMs. TaylorMês atrás
  • E5 and Untucked were absolutely disappointing. The kandy muse freaking show.

    Tamago JikenTamago JikenMês atrás
  • Kandy gives me highschool bully vibes! I’m scared

    Fatin AzwariFatin AzwariMês atrás
  • I must mute the sound when Kandy Muse opens her mouth so the show isn't spoiled for me. She is so clueless and ignorant,

    Janis TaylorJanis TaylorMês atrás
  • Rosé for the win

    Nyanko senseiNyanko senseiMês atrás
  • *Nicki Minaj tone* I hate hate hateeeee Kandy Muse! You guys should see how Kandy act in untucked. I can’t stand her!

    Cham LeeCham LeeMês atrás
  • "Tamisha Iman is coming for you~"

    Zee CeeZee CeeMês atrás
  • Seeing them all dressed as babies and twerking made me extremely uncomfortable.

  • Kandy Muse is so irritating 😠

    KarmaKarmaMês atrás
  • Kandy Muse reminds me of Silky Nutmeg Ganache. So obnoxious yikes

    Zyrus SorianoZyrus SorianoMês atrás
  • The arrogance of Ganache, shame about the face.

    Peter JordanPeter JordanMês atrás
  • Kandy seems to be so unprofessional :/ it breaks my heart, seeing her not constructively speak about Tamisha :/

    tornike davitashvilitornike davitashviliMês atrás
  • I know phi phi is living for this season. She is not the most dislike queen anymore

    Ricardo SRicardo SMês atrás
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Michael AdaboMichael AdaboMês atrás
  • I really wanted to like Kandy

    Schenley ParkSchenley ParkMês atrás
  • Tamisha is mad old and annoying

    Loves LovelyLoves LovelyMês atrás

    Yuan ManipisYuan ManipisMês atrás
  • Kandy... sorry too many opinions but she is not all that. I bet she makes it to the final and the reason why, will be unknown

    Danny ValentinDanny ValentinMês atrás
  • I knew Kandy will be obnoxious. She reminds me of Silky, at least Silky was funny

    F1Freak F1F1Freak F1Mês atrás
    • @Abc123sakira maybe but i highly dislike them. They want to present big confident woman but its a thin line between confident and obnoxious and when she gets the truth she asks for goes nuts on people. I dont like characters like this. Them both need to learn from Nina West...actions louder than words

      F1Freak F1F1Freak F1Mês atrás
    • and at some point likable, she reminds me of Brita more tbh

      Abc123sakiraAbc123sakiraMês atrás
  • Just finished watching the Untucked episode of this episode....I officially dislike Kandy MORE than even PhiPhi O’Hara! Do you guys even understand that?! I wish they would edit Kandy out of the remainder of the season just like they edited out Sherry Pie las’s like “shut up Bishhh”

    Mirror1973Mirror1973Mês atrás
  • Elliott with three K’s calling Kandy a peasant for an opinion she was asked for.... YIKES.

    Bradley MBradley MMês atrás
  • Man... I'm exquisitely in love with Tamisha! Oh, looord!

    Filho De FishFilho De FishMês atrás
  • So nobody is really talking about Denali's lip sync!? Like... Really!? She is in the hestory of RPDR. EPIC!

    Filho De FishFilho De FishMês atrás
  • Symone: I am not a seamstress I can hear the trigger sound effect emitted by rupaul from the beyond

    BETABETAMês atrás
  • Idk how they let Joey slide with that baby look

    Savannah HartSavannah HartMês atrás
  • Unpopular opinion: Symone doesn't deserve the praise she keeps getting from everybody. She got that Kmart drag. Busted. I'm assuming there's some politics going on and Ru doesn't want to be called a "racist" again.

    Mitch ConradMitch ConradMês atrás
  • Kandy was being shady watching the full clip, Tamisha needed to bring her down

    BlackGirlGuidanceBlackGirlGuidanceMês atrás
  • I just noticed Symone is cosplaying as Susie Carmichael from Rugrats!!

    Sam SamSam SamMês atrás
  • cant wait to hear what bob thinks of this nextweek LMAO

    DashellDashellMês atrás
  • When Kandy says she's going to find herself a new enemy. I was thinking to myself Tamisha ain't scared of yo' ass! Lol...

    Miguelus RiveraMiguelus RiveraMês atrás
  • Olivias soft voice always makes my heart go 🥺

    Joshua ZertucheJoshua ZertucheMês atrás
  • The delusion. The fact that she thinks that she ONLY lost to Symone because of her runway look... God bless her twisted soul.

    MalleFupMalleFupMês atrás
  • Crossing all my fingers so Tamisha make it to the reading challenge.

    Cartagena MarielCartagena MarielMês atrás
  • Tamisha being better at literally anything Kandy can do is just amazing

    Juan AriasJuan AriasMês atrás
  • Tamisha my favorite I hope she wins

    Isaaciera BrooksIsaaciera BrooksMês atrás
  • It’s Tamisha’s world and we are just living in it

    CakesCakesMês atrás
  • Kandy is a little delusional. I think it was more top 2 bottom 4 on that stage. Her look was a hot mess AGAIN. But I do really love this cast. Please don't treat Elliott like Aiden Zane got treated. And I love Joey Jay and that tongue train was cool but that head piece and outfit looked rotted. As Raven said "boot".

    househeadericmd Househeadhouseheadericmd HouseheadMês atrás
  • Tamisha you are a winner baby. Crown my baby b@tch.

    thetruthliethetruthlieMês atrás
  • Twisted, Busted, Wing honey. Yeasss get her Tamisha.

    Rick JayRick JayMês atrás
  • congrats to the pit crew for showing up this episode

    JustumsJustumsMês atrás