The Queens Of Season 13 Discuss #BlackLivesMatter | RuPaul’s Drag Race

1 Fev 2021
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"We have to use our voices and do the right thing, so use that platform wisely and get in some good trouble!" The Queens discuss the importance of using your platform for good and the significance of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. #BlackTransLivesMatter
#VH1 #DragRace
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  • This was important

    geozgeoz2 dias atrás
  • Discrimination is humanity’s biggest flaw. Unlike in racism, which is still a huge deal, isn’t as big as discrimination because that is everywhere. Class, money, race, age, work, gender, it is just everywhere and it hasn’t gone away yet.

    Chem IstryChem Istry25 dias atrás
  • I saw kandy Muse with a Jeffree Star mirror!

    Nicole HolderNicole Holder27 dias atrás
  • Y’all coming for Kandy for using the mirror but Gottmik the unproblematic fan favorite is literally best friends with Jeffree Star AND Sharon Needles, but y’all ain’t ready for that conversation yet are you 🤣 Kandy isn’t allowed to use an old mirror that a friend gave her years ago but Mik can be best friends with a known racist and an alleged abuser and child groomer, but since Mik is y’all’s favorite we’ll ignore that and pretend like that isn’t a thing. Same thing with Bianca, she literally goes to shows and be racist to everyone and make jokes about sexual assault but since she’s Bianca the comedy queen we just ignore everything she does that’s offensive, and she remains the most followed Ru girl.

    saisaiwannakaikaisaisaiwannakaikai28 dias atrás
  • Support Black owned makeup brands 👀 God bless Tamisha Iman for being thoughtful enough to not let us forget Black trans lives. I want us to have these conversations, but I need to see more allies speaking up. This can't just be a Black people conversation.

    Wisest OwlWisest Owl28 dias atrás
  • Love the Gays #Black Lives Matters

    Ursula StriblingUrsula Stribling28 dias atrás
  • Beautiful heartfelt sentiments. We love you because of the color of your skin. And your charisma (I forget what U stands for) nerve and talent. XO

    eliza furnaceeliza furnace29 dias atrás
  • 0:20 I'm glad Kandy is representing Afro Latinos

    Miss MeredithMiss Meredith29 dias atrás
  • As they should

    Miss MeredithMiss Meredith29 dias atrás
  • Watch how the views on this topic will be much lower than the other videos posted. It shows the LACK of interest, consideration, and respect for black abs brown ppl

    Sanaia BambooSanaia Bamboo29 dias atrás
  • over here in tears. Thank you for your voices💜

    JenelitaJenelitaMês atrás
  • Drag is inherently political.

    Keenan HarduthKeenan HarduthMês atrás
  • To answer "Diva 13's question about Black Lives Matter movement started by the mothers of Black young girls & guys who been killed by the unjustified hands law enforcement. Now it morph to a civil rights organization. Some try to tarnish what BLM about......calling them Black Supremacy which is bogus. But at the same time the civil unrest forced white privilege America to sit down with Black & Brown folks & have a conversation about race relations in this country. For years white America brushed the issue under the rug. Pretend racism doesn't exist. After the George Floyd, Breona Taylor, & Amaud Arberey incident now white America eyes is now awakening.

    KhingOfSwordz 43KhingOfSwordz 43Mês atrás
  • My prayers are with you all. Black lives matter.

    Sandra GouletSandra GouletMês atrás
  • Kandy is DEFINITELY the Evelyn Lozada and Tamisha is OG. Kandy sayin she "Afro-Latina" when she full on Dominican 🤥

    Trollin Fo JusticeTrollin Fo JusticeMês atrás
    • @Name Of course I do. I'm talking about non-Black Dominicans that try to claim they are Black out of convenience & sympathy like Kandy & Evelyn

      Trollin Fo JusticeTrollin Fo Justice10 dias atrás
    • know that there are black Dominicans right? 😒

      NameName19 dias atrás
    • Dominican is not a race love. And if were to research Kandy via social-media she has always claimed being Afro-Latina & very vocal about Black Lives Matter & Black issues. And I'm not even capping for her, I'm just telling what it is.

      Aaron Davis JrAaron Davis Jr22 dias atrás
    • Can I ask why you put Afro-Latina in quotes when there is a possibly that Kandy is (especially being from The Bronx where the demographic is largely black and Latinx people)? Is it not a thing for a lot of people from Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean to be Afro-Latino e.g. Celia Cruz (from Cuba), Ozuna (from P.R.), Kenya Michaels (also P.R.), etc.?

      Jeraya KellyJeraya Kelly28 dias atrás
  • If BLM and its supporters cared about black lives why Di they destroy black communities businesses homes and streets. Why do you only hear about BLM when there is an election? Why if they cared did they get Parkside cafe go fund Me page (destroyed by BLM rioters) get shut down?. Dont be fooled. There is a reason so many of thr black communities are walking away from the movement.

    Stacey PattersonStacey PattersonMês atrás
  • I am constantly baffled by the amount of racism in The Drag Race fandom. As proven by many of the ignorant comments made by people here. Ugh. If you can watch LaLa’s confessional and not feel anything, find another show to watch Mama.

    Bobby BubbyBobby BubbyMês atrás
  • Thanks for posting this. Definitely brought tears to my eyes. It's horrifying knowing you can be targeted or killed just because of the color of your skin. Didn't realize how much pent-up emotions I had about this but I'm feeling the pain.

    YoYo IziahYoYo IziahMês atrás
  • It is scary how relevant this subject is.

    Deana WellsDeana WellsMês atrás
  • BLM Organization is a scam. but sure, keep sending them money. that'll change things.

    Emma PeelEmma PeelMês atrás
  • Thanks for making a clip of this. I was really happy to see this wasn’t edited out of the episode

    Tuesday Δ SagendaTuesday Δ SagendaMês atrás
  • BLM movement is a scam perpetrated against my black people. The “movement”, backed by a dishonest media, created a narrative that my black people are targets. The objective was to instill a victim mentality for the next generation. You cannot excel in life as long if you think your constantly being victimized. We are not victims because we are Black.

    DominiqueDominiqueMês atrás
  • And I’m thankful for Amazon Prime because I fast-forwarded through this crap in seconds.

    Andre Fernandes-GibsonAndre Fernandes-GibsonMês atrás
  • So Joey Jay's make up tutorial has double the views... mission failed...

    Kvng-DKvng-DMês atrás
  • Blacks Lives Matter

    Andy SimmonsAndy SimmonsMês atrás
  • This conversation was so important we need to see more of these conversations on our televisions

    BRW ChannelBRW ChannelMês atrás
  • The Black Lives Matter Movement is not about George Floyd. His murder was just the last fucking straw. We've had MORE than enough of this and have put up with it way too long. It makes me sick. Proud of these queens for talking about it, and Lala for allowing herself to feel what she was feeling, especially since most (if not all) of us feel that as well.

    Alani MichelleAlani MichelleMês atrás
  • Covid still hasn't killed more black ppl than cops!

    A. TurnerA. TurnerMês atrás
  • When this part came on,, it was so cringy 😓😅😂😂

    Danny RanDanny RanMês atrás
  • can i get an amen?

    Ruben SobrecuevaRuben SobrecuevaMês atrás
  • why is this monitized

    yuhyuhMês atrás
    • I don’t think it is

      Trisha LennexTrisha LennexMês atrás
  • its the jeffrey star mirror in frame while talking about race for me

    Brendan WaltersBrendan WaltersMês atrás
  • I just want to hug my friend. love you lala!

    Smoove FridaySmoove FridayMês atrás
  • LaLa Ri crying goes to show you the psychological stress that comes with living in an anti-Black world. I just wanted to give her a big ol’ hug.

    RobertRobertMês atrás
  • Something about Olivia giving statistics then posing in front of the mirror sent me 3:05

    Beer BaileyBeer BaileyMês atrás
  • In the US there's way less racism than in literally any other country in the world except all black countries

    Miloslav MasárMiloslav MasárMês atrás
  • Sending love from Australia to all my beautiful black brothers and sisters out there ❤️❤️

    Jamie BirchJamie BirchMês atrás
  • they talk about blm while using jefree star mirror and makeup, choices

    ferdi tkjferdi tkjMês atrás
  • The Jeffery star mirror when talking about BLM not cute

    For the blogs PurrFor the blogs PurrMês atrás
  • BLM movement important discussion happening, meanwhile Kandy there with her hewhomustnotbenammed mirror. Girl.

    neojngneojngMês atrás
  • Imagine how boring these topic already is

    Ed RoEd RoMês atrás
    • wtf

      Simon KowskiniSimon KowskiniMês atrás
  • i watched this episode withe my family who are against blm. they paused it and gave me a lecture on how the movement is violent, marxist, and so many other things. it is people like them that keep this country entrapped in its racist past, and present. we need more people like these queens speaking up and getting the conversation started so we can prevent this for happening in the future.

    baci roseibaci roseiMês atrás
    • You are so damn right and i wish you the best in the world. Dont lose heart, youre loved. Feel hugged

      Simon KowskiniSimon KowskiniMês atrás
  • Damn, I love LALA

    Betty BooBetty BooMês atrás
  • for this reason ru saved Lala !!!

    Linda ReiLinda ReiMês atrás

    Katy Perry LoverKaty Perry LoverMês atrás
    • @UC1g-2AeJM5uXP0KQeSfSvSA yeah more white people are killed... also yes it’s only shootings but that’s cuz that’s just the vast majority of cases. Other instances are exceptionally rare that any significant data would only come from shootings. And yes that’s true however whether u intend to use it or not is not something an officer can know... like it I’m holding a gun to an officer I might not intend to use it but how are they supposed to know - it’s why the argument is exclusively made for “unarmed”

      Katy Perry LoverKaty Perry LoverMês atrás
    • @Katy Perry Lover do you have a link that backs up your point of only 14 were killed?

      Solo12313Solo12313Mês atrás
    • @Solo12313 very true, but this narrative that innocent black people are being shot by police every day is ridicules. Seriously in 2020 that number stands for only 14. 14, out of a population of over 40 million. It’s just crazy to me honestly when BLM chooses to focus on that instead of real issues affecting black Americans

      Katy Perry LoverKaty Perry LoverMês atrás
    • Glad someone said that, as sorry as I felt for Lala, that’s just misinformation that he did nothing (I don’t know if she actually watch the footage or not though). That being said, It doesn’t take away from what happened with George Floyd and despite the fact I disagree with some things that a lot of these people support like defunding the police for example (I’m a bit more aligned to Obama on racial issues), something has to change.

      Solo12313Solo12313Mês atrás
  • Number of innocent black peoples murdered by police in 2020 : 14

    Katy Perry LoverKaty Perry LoverMês atrás
  • Byee seeing kany discuss blm with jeffree star mirror

    Foody MoodyFoody MoodyMês atrás
  • Amazing that kandy says she stands for blm when she was hatin on Tamisha last week. Cant stand this vile, lisping hypocrite.

    Road roverRoad roverMês atrás
  • Shame they all knew George Floyd but nobody mentioned David Dorn. BLM riots and violence killed more black people than cops last year.

    Mathu DeanoMathu DeanoMês atrás
  • lalari :(

    Eliel BarbosaEliel BarbosaMês atrás
  • The curse of Jeffree Star strikes again! 🚫

    fat pussfat pussMês atrás
  • Utica is being called a racist for not speaking up more about BLM, please argue in the replies about this.

    Mitsuba同様にMitsuba同様にMês atrás
  • Love that Jeffree star mirror.

    Richard AndradeRichard AndradeMês atrás
    • thats not the point, its just a mirror

      Mitsuba同様にMitsuba同様にMês atrás
  • Lala really hit home during that confessional. I'm thankful she was willing to be so vulnerable and share her perspective and lived experience.

    James WJames WMês atrás
  • Masquerade is fun isn't it girls? Can't be actual girls though. Only we girls can. BTW Black lives Matter don't give a good hoot about Black Woman. Nor the Black babies thrown under the bus/ Abortion clinics. Nor can Black Lives Matter hide their Marxists selves. Hmmm. Best live the charade? Have the ha! Because you sure don't have afoot hold in reality. But remember to have fun!

    I'm wonderingI'm wonderingMês atrás
  • Elliott was like: sus

    LeviathanLeviathanMês atrás
  • We fight as one - we lose as one and we Will Win as One !!

    Liza ChitwoodLiza ChitwoodMês atrás
  • I’m SO happy they mentioned black lives, especially TRANS black lives.

    wonhoe ‘wonhoe ‘Mês atrás
  • This should have been talked about a lot more than the drama

    James JosephJames JosephMês atrás
  • Blm❌ Alm⭕️

    Nyle DimarcoNyle DimarcoMês atrás
    • This is not the point

      Simon KowskiniSimon KowskiniMês atrás
  • apart of me wanted this to be the main attraction of the episode instead of being overshadowed by that damn untucked 😐 like you couldn’t edit that for next week idk.

    corruptedcorruptedMês atrás

    Faris DanialFaris DanialMês atrás
  • Finally, you guys gave POC queens screen time to talk about very important stuff.

    João FrayJoão FrayMês atrás
  • That's strange. They all talk about Black Lives Matter, but Kandy Muse uses the mirror of Jeffree Star, who is known for his racism towards black people and his transphobia. It's only when it suits them. There is no logic. Why don't they boycott all his products. Bullshit. No sense...

    BelugaBelugaMês atrás
    • @Trisha Lennex Sorry but that's not an excuse....

      BelugaBelugaMês atrás
    • It’s a mirror, kandy probably had to before all this happened and just kept using it because it works well

      Trisha LennexTrisha LennexMês atrás
  • Kinda funny that they prioritized posting the Tamisha vs Kandy video before this one.

    DCombzDCombzMês atrás
  • I love that the Queens talked about important issues like police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement in this episode. I wanted to give Lala a huge hug when she was crying. This was such a great episode of Drag Race.

    HorrorGeek9HorrorGeek9Mês atrás
  • ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

    The One And Only Mysteria AngelThe One And Only Mysteria AngelMês atrás
  • Utica saying “absolutely” really threw me off guard. She really had not spoken a word until then and I did nOt expect it lmao

    c r i s Pc r i s PMês atrás
    • @Alícia Someone who is racist does not help a black person, and there is no evidence that Utica is racist, I do not think she is racist because she is silent.

      StellaStellaMês atrás
    • @Stella helping a poc with something doesn't make someone not racist....

      AlíciaAlíciaMês atrás
    • @Alícia but that doesn't make her racist, she also apologized earlier about this issue and helped lala ri with sewing. I don't think any racist will be in rupaul drag race anyway

      StellaStellaMês atrás
    • @Stella during the protest she wasnt showing that she cared at all

      AlíciaAlíciaMês atrás
    • İdk why people still think Utica is racist but I think she is notttttt

      StellaStellaMês atrás
  • I felt la la ri hurts... Tight hugs 🤗

    rakshith sanjeevrakshith sanjeevMês atrás
  • I had Goosebumps throughout the whole video

    Raymund MateoRaymund MateoMês atrás
  • james charles is featured AHAHAHA

    Kristian ClarielKristian ClarielMês atrás
  • This comments section made me realize we got wayyy to many foes in this fandom. Some of these fans only care about the queens when they play dress up. Once that wig comes off, the support, especially for queens of color is out the door. This fandom has had negative energy since the show went mainstream in season 9-10. Some of these “allies” are the ones bringing that bad energy in. If you wanna be a fan of the show, at least believe in our basic rights when the makeup is wiped off.

    ItsjustDragFoolItsjustDragFoolMês atrás
  • So glad that the RPDR girls are taking about this! But its making me cry 😥💔

    Natta DahmerNatta DahmerMês atrás
  • ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

    euphoric satisfactioneuphoric satisfactionMês atrás
  • blm Burn loot murder Bidens laptop matters

    cd2894cd2894Mês atrás
    • And the most important thing, black lives matter

      euphoric satisfactioneuphoric satisfactionMês atrás
  • I was really proud that LaLa had the bravery to be so vulnerable and tell her story. Sadly I've had to be the middle man in the ghetto and tell the police to leave my friends alone. It makes me ashamed of humanity that authorities are hellbent on just questioning people for how they look or act.

    SamuelSamuelMês atrás
  • Idk why but i feel like SYMONE is gonna win this entire thing

    Pattrik WinchesterPattrik WinchesterMês atrás
  • Be grateful because nearly everyone now forgot what you did at World’s Best.

    A2 - AntonioA2 - AntonioMês atrás
  • I am so happy that they posted this

    KhumiKhumiMês atrás
  • The blackest moment of the season to date.

    Karim WalkerKarim WalkerMês atrás
  • i really hate that everytime kandy talks about the blm movement, that damn mirror from racust star has to be seen. even in an interview for the promotion of the show. she was talking about anti-racism while touching up her make up on that mirror.

    Ivan Lloyd IbabaoIvan Lloyd IbabaoMês atrás
  • This is so important and I’m so glad that it’s finally being discussed

    ZyngerZyngerMês atrás
  • No Kandy please put down that mirror please😭 I just keep getting distracted

    마소모찌마소모찌Mês atrás
  • The only thing I change about this conversation is the mirror kandy is holding #blm, don't support racists.

    Siva GurramSiva GurramMês atrás
  • Black Black Black people is the power ✊🏿✊🏿 to freedom, and lets not to forget Trans life matters 🤘🏿🤘🏿

  • Sis this could not have been more staged. Keep your BLM opinions to yourselves 🙌🏼

    Jade LeeJade LeeMês atrás
    • Yeah right like the producers would say “Hey can you guys just try to somehow fit in a conversation about BLM, and say all your opinions on it” No they didn’t. Drag itself is a political statement and an art form, they can share their opinions if they want

      Trisha LennexTrisha LennexMês atrás
    • Sis why tf are you even watching drag race? The entire show wouldn't exist without the notion that black (trans) lives matter

      Michael ScottMichael ScottMês atrás
    • No they aren't, please get a life

      euphoric satisfactioneuphoric satisfactionMês atrás
  • LalaRi is so pure

    Fushid RashadFushid RashadMês atrás
  • Simone say was traumatizing i wept

    TalkindurinthemovieTalkindurinthemovieMês atrás
  • Elliott with 3k's - "She's Black girl Magic but not Aggressive" (aka Loud, in Your face, Ghetto, Banjie)

    Smill ASmill AMês atrás
  • LaLa crying broke me

    hyper lukehyper lukeMês atrás
  • LOVE LALA, but he wasn't pulled over for being in certain type of car, he was passed out making a blockade in drive thru, then he darts from police and grabs their taser and weapon, love Lala but that incident is nothing like the George Floyd situation which is awful ,

    Rococo BaroqueRococo BaroqueMês atrás
  • But the wendys incident wasnt him just being shot for no reason, he ran away and tried grabbing a taser

    Rococo BaroqueRococo BaroqueMês atrás
    • Facts don't fit into their agenda.

      Pariah CareyPariah CareyMês atrás
  • 400 yrs later we still being dehumanized ..this is so sad for humanity

    Devon williamsDevon williamsMês atrás
  • I do believe that all people should be treated equally but I don’t think that politics should be in this kind of entertainment.

    Peter BohanPeter BohanMês atrás
    • @Corttanos SPILL BESTIE

      TheoooTheoooMês atrás
    • Matt not all liberals think the same way. Not all conservatives think the same way. Not all libertarians think the same way. I see that you are trying to label me as conservative so that you have an excuse to take me down. Isn’t pride and all of these movements trying to promote being who you are without seeking validation from others? Thank you. Move it along or the library will open and I will read yo krusty ass to filth! I can’t wait to see how this turns out...

      Peter BohanPeter BohanMês atrás
    • Do you just not know how entwined politics and drag is, or do you just ignore that section because it doesn’t agree with your own political bias

      MattMattMês atrás
    • Corttanos I just want to tell you that in this community, not everyone is going to lean the way you do. I believe that black trans lives matter but I cannot get behind a movement that wants to defund police and further their political agenda instead of proposing a plan for unity. “United we stand, divided we fall.” I still love you all even though our opinions do not completely align. I wasn’t trying to be incendiary but I don’t want to feel like you should have to lean left because of your sexuality.

      Peter BohanPeter BohanMês atrás
    • They’re human, they have the right to talk about what they want. And just cause it’s “entertainment” doesn’t mean racism doesn’t happen in that industry as well since you brought it up. Yes all people should be treated equally and I commend you for thinking that since so many others can’t but, having the privilege of not needing to be apart of politics doesn’t mean it’s not important and that for some they have to be apart of it or it will hurt them. It’s a 3 minute segment out of an hour long show, people will survive with some deep talk.

      CorttanosCorttanosMês atrás
  • I've never felt that color mattered. Color is a descriptor only. The sweet asian kid or the gorgeous black man or that heavyset white dude. Just to say who u are talking to or about Only 1 race, the Human Race. I've had to fight because I've been morbidly obese for years & am old! I definitely think BLM, but all lives do too.

    Rebecca PlumleeRebecca PlumleeMês atrás
  • Being Native American, we're struggling just as hard as our Black relatives. We all need to start tearing down this system of sweeping things under the rug, and we need to make a society where we address all of these things. There's racial inequality, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ethnocentrism... The list goes on and on. All of these things have been swept under the rug since the birth of this country, and it has taken all of this time to finally say Enough is Enough. People have been fighting for equality for Such a long time, and I'm really glad that a lot of other people finally reached their tipping point! In order for everyone to reach equality, we need to have everyone come together and deal with the damage that this country has refused to address.

    Miguel EagleMiguel EagleMês atrás
  • Wow

    alyssa Davidsonalyssa DavidsonMês atrás
  • I also live around the street from that Wendy’s in Atlanta. Love you LaLa. So proud to have queens like you and Tamisha so close. 💕💕

    Kpopfangirl24Kpopfangirl24Mês atrás
  • Kandy using a JS mirror while talking about BLM : 😬

    Malachi OwensMalachi OwensMês atrás
  • Black Lives Matter. Periodt. Grateful for all of our allies♥️

    Tyrannical BanksTyrannical BanksMês atrás