The Pit Stop S13 E6 | Trixie Mattel & Rock M. Sakura Boogie on Disco-Mentary’ | RuPaul's Drag Race

6 Fev 2021
799 805 Visualizações

Season 12’s Rock M. Sakura crashes the Pit Stop and joins @TrixieMattel to recap the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race!
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  • It’s a boogie wonderland on the main stage when the Queens put on a dancing Disco-mentary! 👯

    RuPaul's Drag RaceRuPaul's Drag Race27 dias atrás
    • Please always keep Trixie doing the Pit Stop, this is everything

      Jen ReyesJen Reyes21 dia atrás
    • This episode was the nail in the coffin for me . Goodbye Rupaul Drag Race, Thanks for the years of entertainment xxx

      Matty BMatty B25 dias atrás
    • Yeah that would be fantastic

      924MUSIC924MUSIC27 dias atrás
  • As someone with an ostomy, it’s so hard moving certain ways, scary wearing certain clothes and making sure you’re just taking care of yourself. I really wish tamisha stayed in the competition, because once she revealed she had that? I was immediately attached. I couldn’t believe she was doing this with having an ostomy

    Bambix xBambix x3 horas atrás
  • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    Ro RoRo Ro5 horas atrás
  • The opposite of a Rose garden and a diaper explosion

    Moonstone UniverseMoonstone Universe15 horas atrás
  • I will not have this Uticah slander in this household honey, nuh uh 😤

    Froggy ChairFroggy Chair16 horas atrás
  • Are those pancakes on her shoulders?

    Cas WiseCas Wise23 horas atrás
  • am I the only one who LOVED Elliott’s look? she was gorgeous

    Duda BinderDuda BinderDia atrás
  • You guys saying that Gottmiks runway saved her? If that was the case, then Brooklyn wouldn't have been in the bottom, lipsyncing against Yvie. Its just straight out favoritism.

    Dencel Judd MatanguihanDencel Judd MatanguihanDia atrás
  • Kandy has a good personality? Idk if she confronted me I’d definitely cry. She has such a hostile vibe IMO

    Abigail ThompsonAbigail Thompson2 dias atrás
  • A barbie and an anime character walk into a room...

    Likan ProwerLikan Prower2 dias atrás
  • Why does Symone always look so beautiful

    Goldy CornGoldy Corn2 dias atrás
  • Rock needs to make an appearance on trixies channel

    JasmineJasmine3 dias atrás
  • I personally loved Utica's look. And I didn't understand it at first either but that's ok. It's art. You don't always have to understand it. Go look at a Pollock painting and tell me if you understand anything at all from it. And they're still beautiful to look at.

    Hugo FreireHugo Freire3 dias atrás
  • They say that Rock M looks like Trixie, but their makeups is really diferent👏🏻

    Andrey LuzAndrey Luz3 dias atrás
  • Trixie’s disinterest in disco saddened me until I saw the video of her thirsting over Paul Hollywood. Now I feel closer to her

    Chris RunyonChris Runyon3 dias atrás
  • These 2 should do a collab.

    Bah YotBah Yot4 dias atrás
  • It's so funny how Rock let’s Trixies makeup look descent and basic in comparison. 😂

    Baltik.BjörnBaltik.Björn4 dias atrás
  • a good shortcut to disco is Dimitri from Paris and Todd Terje's remixes. there's a surprising amount of just really solid pop tunes happening. "Disco Sucks" was an extraordinary and hateful moment, I'm glad they got a chance to talk about it cause it seems very timely

    StorageheaterStorageheater5 dias atrás
  • Utica’s look was one off the best, if you do not understand and makes you think it’s the definition of ART, I feel I’m crazy hearing the critiques. Pissed

    ManuManu5 dias atrás
  • Olivia outfit was basic too, the only good think was her hair, thats all

    Eduardo EstradaEduardo Estrada5 dias atrás
  • I wish people would call Kandy out on being a bully.

    Steve CaveSteve Cave6 dias atrás
  • Justic for LaLa...

    OttoOtto6 dias atrás
  • Elliott is definitely fish. You can't clock any boy when she's in drag.

    Joey SummersJoey Summers6 dias atrás
  • Im obsessed with rock omg her looks are unreal

    FrankaFranka6 dias atrás
  • Why is Tina?

    Scotch TapeScotch Tape8 dias atrás
  • Utica's look was at least interesting, I thought it was very cool. Olivia's dress was awful, the hemline and chest just looked poorly sewn, even though she did look great. Also there's no way Tamisha's look was better than Utica's- she's the best but that dress did NOT pass the mall test

    Cate BurrowsCate Burrows8 dias atrás
  • I will defend Utica's look; I don't care if I am the only one, but I loved it.

    Ryan StephenRyan Stephen9 dias atrás
  • LMAO My Heart Will Go On, is not Disco. Celine Dion is an amazing singer, but not disco. SMH We need a Disco revival. *sigh

    Molly SolomonMolly Solomon10 dias atrás
  • I love me some Rock!!!

    Michael ManqueroMichael Manquero10 dias atrás
  • Oh so this is that How to Wear Make-up in a God Fearing Way video everyone was going on about. Lipgloss, groomed brows, yeah ok I don't really get why it went viral it's pretty basic

    Esther AiEsther Ai11 dias atrás
  • I think when Utica lip sing for her life she is going to go home... which is what I want 🙂

    Jessie JJessie J11 dias atrás
  • The wtf in Mattel face when they talk about Utica or Tina burner 😂😂. I love it because that’s basically how I be looking.

    Jessie JJessie J11 dias atrás
  • Every day of my life, I wake up and I am angry that Rick got sent home for making a fart joke.

    ShyShy11 dias atrás
  • A little confused about Rocks disco song "My heart will gone on"?? As in Celine Dion? Lol....but dosent matter I love love love Rockem she has a good heart and it shows in spades! And sooooo funny I love the "Don't brush your hair at me!" And "Does this suck ass?" Hahahaha

    Michael LewisMichael Lewis13 dias atrás
  • 13:30 LMAO

    Road roverRoad rover14 dias atrás
  • Trixie blush is amazing. Anyone know the color?

    Krissy MeowKrissy Meow14 dias atrás
  • Trixie looking like Rock M. Sakura's mom

    Gabbie DGabbie D14 dias atrás

    Bexx GenxBexx Genx14 dias atrás
  • Clearly Tina is sponsored by McDonald's so she definitely can afford better wigs

    brain freezebrain freeze14 dias atrás
  • It is so sad to see tamisha go because she is so wonderful and lovable in every single way I really hope that she would be miss congeniality or be brought back for an all stars season

    emily bonitaemily bonita14 dias atrás
  • That smile that Rock gave to the camera after her crispy analogy? Priceless.

    Im Tired16Im Tired1615 dias atrás
  • Rock needs to be on the next All-Stars - we missed a lot of 'funny' on her season

    Madame BeatrixxMadame Beatrixx16 dias atrás
  • I have to pause to the video. Got Mik has a beautiful shape. Lbd who?

    Jessica MillslagleJessica Millslagle16 dias atrás
  • 14:24 meeeeeeeeeee Also the whole outfits segment is just Trixie and Rock roasting everyone and I’m here for it

    GumdropGumdrop17 dias atrás
  • "Little black dress" category was made for Naomi Smalls

    marlenelaflacamarlenelaflaca17 dias atrás
  • Got Milk?

    RayneRayne17 dias atrás
  • The straight perfume dfly suit because language morally wobble up a superb hydrogen. green grey grieving, vivacious single

    Gerard LigondeGerard Ligonde17 dias atrás
  • off topic but trixie's look today is astounding omfg

    Nyssa LottNyssa Lott18 dias atrás
  • Lol I like saying goat milk instead lol

    Kyle KingKyle King18 dias atrás
  • Rocks eye makeup is SO beautiful, the whole look!!!! In love

    April GApril G18 dias atrás
  • was anyone else annoyed that Tina had the hands the wrong way round??

    ChiChi18 dias atrás
  • All I can think of is the flashback of Trixie and Katya in the Netflix comment show over the makeup competition. “I hate it! I hate a feathered lash!”

    Camryn HodgesCamryn Hodges19 dias atrás
  • Hello other viewers! Just giving everyone a reminder to always floss their teeth after meals to keep their smile big and bright like these ladies! ✨💎🪥🧼

    Peachy CreamPeachy Cream19 dias atrás
  • I am a basic girl. I wish someone used a Breakfast at Tiffany's reference.

    G PG P19 dias atrás
  • I don't understand the comment on Utica. The category is little black dress, even if u don't understand her concept she hit the category. Her outfit fits the category unlike say Kenedy before.

    Sun ShineSun Shine19 dias atrás

    unruhige materialflutunruhige materialflut19 dias atrás
  • When Olivia came out on the runway, all I could think of was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with the fabulous name of red hair. 😍

    Tatiana MelendezTatiana Melendez20 dias atrás
  • Y’all still acting like Gotmik didn’t miss most of her performance..... chilllllleeee this a mess. If gottmik wins y’all def set her up to win and we all know so it won’t be respected like that. A mess, cause she is talented but there is no way she wasn’t in the bottom to push the producers story line a mess.

    IGot7 Revluv ExoL Army who Stay Once Gi-dle BlinksIGot7 Revluv ExoL Army who Stay Once Gi-dle Blinks20 dias atrás
  • 4:14 youre welcome

    Ramon K SanchezRamon K Sanchez20 dias atrás
  • I LOVED Kandy Muses black dress💗💗💗💗💗💗

    Ruth LangstonRuth Langston20 dias atrás
  • Wearing makeup in a God honouring way! Praise Jesus!

    Marco CamayaMarco Camaya20 dias atrás
  • Can never get enough of Trixie's laugh makes my day. The Rock really brings it too. Thanks for bringing the sunshine girls. 🐾🐺👍

    Carrie McarthurCarrie Mcarthur20 dias atrás
  • This had very much like Trixie and priyanka vibe.

  • Uticas paper dress was beautifully crafted, structured, the shape, boom!

    my eyemy eye20 dias atrás
  • Rotted ‼️‼️

    Tarpon Springs BayouTarpon Springs Bayou20 dias atrás
  • 8:09 Olivia and Simone? That's Uticaaa 😀😂

    Мими ПандърскаМими Пандърска20 dias atrás
  • So you thought it was okay to have skin? 🙄😒

    Kendal StrandbergKendal Strandberg21 dia atrás
  • wait wait wait i liked uticas runway??

    Erica :/Erica :/21 dia atrás
  • I thought what Utica tried to do was smart. Thats exactly what Crystal did last season. Anything that didn't fit her style (like the Madonna thing) she just made it her own and really owned it by camping it up in her own way. I just think Utica tries TOO HARD to camp it up. Like the outfit was cute but if you have to explain it then its not good and yeah if she did a face or two then it would've been fine but she was doing too much. she just needs to edit. Also I too loved this challenge. it was cool to see the entire crew onstage dancing

    cesar martinezcesar martinez21 dia atrás
  • I have clearly been sleeping on Rock My Sakura. She's so quick and funny!

    Michael O'BrienMichael O'Brien21 dia atrás
  • Kandy dress was really dope.

    Apollo MonroeApollo Monroe21 dia atrás
  • "I thought she looked like a pot holder!" ----- yeah Trixie but that would be an insult to pot holders

    Chase TatoyChase Tatoy21 dia atrás
  • let's put some respect on comme des garcons's name

    Ashley WeilerAshley Weiler21 dia atrás
  • The amount of Tina slander and Tamisha respect in this comment section makes me happy

    yee hawyee haw21 dia atrás
  • olivia's look isnt basic you guys just dont understand proportion and editing

    mimimimi21 dia atrás
    • Hard disagree, I thought it was really basic and her proportions werent quite right. If anything, the look was edited too much.

      Aster LyonsAster Lyons21 dia atrás
  • loving this Rock's look OMG

    RenchiiRenchii21 dia atrás
  • 4:14 "if she gets under your skin, kandy will be like 'oh u thought it was ok to HAVE SKIN'" 💀💀💀 i'm dead

    Bee BBee B21 dia atrás
  • If Utica was the struggle bus in the challenge, then Mik was the bus manufacturer

    candy26sbcandy26sb22 dias atrás
  • was gotmik's little black dress good or is she just skinny and white?

    Kevin SchlinkKevin Schlink22 dias atrás
  • The moment Tina came out with that mcdonalds looking outfit, i rolled my eyes like "not this again" give us something new- a new color palette at least

    Vinny Madelyne LamataVinny Madelyne Lamata22 dias atrás
  • "I didn't live but life finds a way."

    Colin BrownColin Brown22 dias atrás
  • This is the 4th or 5th time La Las hemline has been tooooo short

    A ZA Z22 dias atrás
  • i can NOT stop looking at Rock's lips!! that heart is mesmerizing

    GraceGrace22 dias atrás

    Vianna Kids ShowVianna Kids Show22 dias atrás
  • I loved Utica's look personally :(

    Louisa JanssenLouisa Janssen22 dias atrás
  • Rock M Sakura made Trixie Mattel very natural.

    Okray TVOkray TV22 dias atrás
  • I miss Bob

    Alejandro AnayaAlejandro Anaya22 dias atrás
  • Love this look for you Trixie!

    Christian GambleChristian Gamble22 dias atrás
  • Rock M. is looking absolutely fabulous! Shame we didn't get to see more of her on S12!

    Gosia SGosia S22 dias atrás

    Connor MurphyConnor Murphy22 dias atrás
  • I’m just glad to see they aren’t crying and covered in balls

    Rubin ChavarriaRubin Chavarria23 dias atrás
  • Rock m sakura is so funny and sweet and blah blah i love her i hope she gets on allstars

    Alexandre PelletierAlexandre Pelletier23 dias atrás
  • Everyone keeps talking about how Mik's dress was so unexpected, but when I heard the category I literally turned to my friend and said "Someone's coming out with just a dress on their nethers". Don't get me wrong, he looked amazing, but was it really such a departure from what we could expect to see? I don't think....

    Taylor WynnTaylor Wynn23 dias atrás
  • Does Rok M always try so hard to be funny?

    EmerysEmerys23 dias atrás
  • “Circle the problem”. How does she think of this stuff on a whim? 😂😂😂

    peggy dvjpeggy dvj23 dias atrás
  • I love how Trixie looks like a natural woman next to Rock

    Cass C.Cass C.23 dias atrás
  • Kandy being like: “do you thought it was okay to have skin in the first place” Trixxie: *birds cackling*

    João Victor PiresJoão Victor Pires23 dias atrás
  • Rock and Trixie getting along makes sense in my fantasy

    Giang HGiang H23 dias atrás
  • Gottmik was TERRIBLE in this challenge. Tamisha should've been safe and Kandy could've been Low if her look was better than Utica's. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Also...Little Black Dress and nobody did Victoria Beckham 🥺

    Ramon MaldonadoRamon Maldonado23 dias atrás
  • I love Rocks commentary. Please give us more Rock

    HintofPinkHintofPink23 dias atrás