The Bag Ball 👠 S13 E5 | RuPaul’s Drag Race

31 Jan 2021
291 925 Visualizações

The Queens turn 36 bagnificent lewks in three categories - Mixed Bag, Miss Money Bags, and Gag Us With Your Bagus!
#VH1 #DragRace
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  • Lala ris outfit wasn't that bad it's just not creative

    the radiant red diamondthe radiant red diamond5 horas atrás
  • Still need this song

    Luka KleinbergenLuka Kleinbergen6 horas atrás
  • Does anyone know what's the runway song called in the beginning

    Big OofBig Oof23 horas atrás
  • Ok look, _I_ feel like although Utica's LAST look was win able, her first 2 wasn't that strong. All 3 of Mik's looks were strong. Its the consistency for me. So I would like to think it was the consistency for Ru's choice as well. If we wanna go toe to toe, round for round: First look: stronger look is Mik Second look: stronger look is definitely Mik Third look: stronger look is definitely Utica But everyone's opinion are different.

    NtheHeroNtheHero2 dias atrás
  • Cant decided whether I like Utica’s sleeping bag outfit or Gotmik’s big bag look

    ValentinaValentina2 dias atrás
  • Rose!!!!! Big business is one of my favorite movies. Children if you haven't seen it Watch it.

    WrknfishWrknfish3 dias atrás
  • okay but why is no one talking about the fact that olivia's look is exactly the same as symone's look she did a few episodes ago ???????????????

    Riva SarkarRiva Sarkar3 dias atrás

    Luka KleinbergenLuka Kleinbergen3 dias atrás
  • Utica got robbed and the favoritism of gottmik is clear. It’s now happened two times with this challenge and the rusical (rosé deserved win but gottmik should’ve been lower placed than Utica)

    phoenixrising7777phoenixrising77774 dias atrás
  • Love Elliot 2 T 🥰❤👑

    Cristian M Barotto DelgadoCristian M Barotto Delgado5 dias atrás
  • Utica not winning this episode is the s13 version of jan not winning the rusical

    Jordan SkeletonJordan Skeleton5 dias atrás
  • 14:35 This is what had me fuckin thinking that Utica was from NY! 😠 I have been bamboozled.

    [ S o l i t a ][ S o l i t a ]6 dias atrás
  • im still mad at this robbery

    Brillant GimutaoBrillant Gimutao6 dias atrás
  • 12:32 Urbosa’s fury is now ready

    WilltjWilltj7 dias atrás
  • What’s the song in the background?

    Cole CancillaCole Cancilla7 dias atrás
    • how i wanna hold you & im a winner baby remix

      OneloveOnelove6 dias atrás
  • i kinda felt that utica should've won this tbh

    angelangel8 dias atrás
  • Lala ri.... her mug and wig are so gorgeous and the rest is... well.

    Alice EnigmaAlice Enigma9 dias atrás
  • what is the title of the background music?

    Efendi TobingEfendi Tobing9 dias atrás
  • This ball made it pretty clear to me who would be going home early, and who would be racing for the crown. These looks are either very basic or A-mazing.

    Trent in TampaTrent in Tampa10 dias atrás
  • I want Utica to mass produce her bag outfit I want it in every store and I want it my size.

    Moonstone UniverseMoonstone Universe10 dias atrás
  • the nerve of Kandy to come for miss Iman after she litterally just complimented n comended yall performance but because she pointed out your nasty arrogant attitude you chose to make a fool out of yourself with your unprofessional remarks about Tamisha not having star quality n calling her a bottom bitch, but yet ronald mcdonald trump n mik pence pretty much attacked Tamisha like she was the aggressor... how is this ok? its not, it is pigeonholing a fellow black queen as being aggresive and combative by two white queens. they made it seem like Tamisha sat down n immediately said i dont like you cuz your arrogant. i know tina wants to stir the pot but this is not the way to do it sis, its away to get me and the rest of america on Tamishas side n look at Tina Kandy n Mik forever differently tbh. the way mik was laughing while telling Tamisha to leave Kandy alone, just rubbed me all the way wrong as well. it honestly sickens me how this valid issue in todays climate is not getting the attention it deserves, is beyond me... btw i called Tina ronald mcdonald trump n gotmik mik pence because they have a bad habit of trying to create a different narrative or attempt to get the audience to believe something just because you say it over n over again, but not based on actual facts. an example is during the vp debate when pence says over n over that the first thing Biden will do when he gets in office is raise everybodys taxes n senator Harris had to repeatedly correct him that that is not at all true and corrected him on multiple occasions, but being a cis gendered white male he attempted to steamroll her n talk over her repeatedly go over time n interupt her. she even got the moderator at one time cuz they let pence go over his time but weren't going to allow her to do the same. biden only said he would raise americans taxes ONLY if they make over 450,000 a year. which fyi is what a sitting president gets paid for every year hes in office

    jared mccoyjared mccoy11 dias atrás
    • you need to calm down its a tv show

      three dee melodiethree dee melodie2 dias atrás
  • I need the first bag category runway mix pleaseeee

    Andrés VelezAndrés Velez12 dias atrás
  • Ngl utica was robbed

    yee yeeyee yee12 dias atrás
  • Does anyone know what song was used for the first runway??

    Luke TrupoLuke Trupo12 dias atrás
  • 6:08 okay um....mama that’s Racist.

    Hanna KärsteiHanna Kärstei13 dias atrás
  • Olivia's Mixed Bag look is literally Symone's Lamé look

    mintyy galmintyy gal14 dias atrás
  • I'm genuinely mad that utica didnt win this challenge

    XxNymphoBratxXXxNymphoBratxX14 dias atrás
  • Name of the song?

    Luis GranadosLuis Granados15 dias atrás
  • Denali, Rosé and Gottmik killed it!

    RANKSRANKS17 dias atrás
  • Funny how they kept harping on Utica for overselling, when literally every girl did that.

    Jean van WanrooyJean van Wanrooy17 dias atrás
  • mik won

    M JzM Jz17 dias atrás
  • 2:01 I can't get over Symone's look.... It's so funny and fun and gorgeous all at once xD

    bigd4465bigd446518 dias atrás
  • To whom it concerns, The 1st runway song is ‘How I wanna hold you’ 2nd is the I’m a winner baby remix from Ru’s latest ep And the 3rd is that Raggedy runway song (sis.... they really thought they had a ‘vision’ with that song as the runway)

    Rhmn_ fyRhmn_ fy19 dias atrás
  • Am I the only one who find all these Queens bland and boring. The ONLY one I find amusing and unique is Kandy Muse.

    John MyersJohn Myers19 dias atrás
    • You are the only one babes. Denali, Rosè, Tina, Gottmik, Joey, Tamisha, Lalari, Utica, Elliott, Olivia, Symone and KAHmora are equally STUNNING.

      Rhmn_ fyRhmn_ fy19 dias atrás
  • Utica ate that

    Glen KellyGlen Kelly20 dias atrás
  • I really like Simone but I really feel like Utica is the one who stands out the most and with the most variety. Not my pick but respect where it's due!

    Jermaine DillardJermaine Dillard20 dias atrás
  • Not gonna lie this was some high fashion and glam camp but that second category: that bag was an afterthought for a lot of them and they just slapped some bullshit on the bag...

    Carlo ColvinCarlo Colvin21 dia atrás
  • I can't be the only one tired of the executive category at balls. What is up with up with this shows always having executive officr runway

    Ramen NoodlesRamen Noodles22 dias atrás
    • it’s a tribute to old ballroom fashion

      three dee melodiethree dee melodie2 dias atrás
  • Name of the first song please 😩

    Robert SolorzanoRobert Solorzano22 dias atrás
  • I need to know people, whats the song of the first runway??? im obsessed, HELP!!! 00:00 to 05:00

    estheroangelestheroangel23 dias atrás
    • The song is how i wanna hold u

      Angel AndujarAngel Andujar17 dias atrás
    • I know😭😭 I really want to know what song it is

      Rhmn_ fyRhmn_ fy19 dias atrás
  • Does anyone know the songs playing for the first and second runway???

    Adrian AcostaAdrian Acosta24 dias atrás
  • "I'm sorry Gottmik, imma let you finish, but Utica just made the best bag ball drag look of all time. Of all TIME!

    TortizardProductionsTortizardProductions24 dias atrás
  • What is the song in the first part of the ball?

    Matheus HenrickMatheus Henrick26 dias atrás
  • What is the name of the first track?

    RoyalBlueOceanRoyalBlueOcean26 dias atrás
  • 0:14 when I'm mad at someone on the road

    Tanner YoungTanner Young26 dias atrás
  • Love how none of the winner of the challenges looks are in the thumbnail

    Josh DrabbleJosh Drabble26 dias atrás
  • These runway songs are lit

    noggggin1noggggin127 dias atrás
  • Can someone help me out? What is the name of the song in the background during the first two looks?

    Grady ParksGrady Parks27 dias atrás
  • I don't feel like Gottmik should win this My top three would be Utica, Rose and Elliott with Utica winning it

    Hunter PanHunter Pan27 dias atrás
  • Ok ngl for some reason Utica gives me a Divina vibe

    chasechase28 dias atrás
  • utica sleeping bag dress is as iconic as violet's fall runway

    TaargusTaargus28 dias atrás
  • 60,000 7PM 8AM

    Sharmaine ByrdSharmaine Byrd29 dias atrás
  • If Rose doesn't win .....i call rigga morris

    James MckeeJames Mckee29 dias atrás
  • Aside from Utica’s masterpiece, I loved Gottmik’s body bag look. Reminded me of something you would see in Dragula. Gorgeous gore.

    merlin hootmerlin hoot29 dias atrás
  • Kandy Muse: You want to fight?! Me: Mood

    Shira J.Shira J.29 dias atrás
  • I wish Olivia wouldn’t of done the boxer look....we saw that already!

    Shira J.Shira J.29 dias atrás
  • Utica > gottmik Fight me

    Cesar UyCesar Uy29 dias atrás
  • to me winner uttica bottom 2 : lala ri and kandy

    Blake LeighBlake Leigh29 dias atrás
  • Im surprised nobody did Garment Bag for the first category.

    Alaska CosplayAlaska Cosplay29 dias atrás
  • Tamisha is so lovely and lovable

    YuliaYuliaMês atrás
  • They really gave the win to mik.... wearing an oversized thong.... Utica is slept on more than those sleeping bags she made into a runway outfit.

    Alexander LunaAlexander LunaMês atrás

    Stratos DionysiouStratos DionysiouMês atrás
    • its how i wanna hold your rupaul// and im a winner baby remix r the songs

      OneloveOnelove29 dias atrás
  • What's the name of the track used for the first category... It sounds like a remix of some song.. help please

    Aditya KotwalAditya KotwalMês atrás
  • Utica was the true winner.

    Emy Pierre-LouisEmy Pierre-LouisMês atrás
  • whats is the backing track?

    ivana havitoffivana havitoffMês atrás
  • why is no one talking about how olivia lux’s boxer look is exactly the same as symone’s look from a few weeks ago

    LinguaTubeLinguaTubeMês atrás
  • Utica killed it , symone I'm just obsessed with her her work her attitude facial expressions she just gives me life. I loved gottmik, rose, candy muse and denali's looks too

    Tshepang McunuTshepang McunuMês atrás

    Diana _Diana _Mês atrás
  • please give me the song of this runway 🥺🥺🥺

    NawremNawremMês atrás
  • Why does Kandi always have to be half naked??

    Dana MckeeDana MckeeMês atrás
  • ugh utica should have won

    KhumiKhumiMês atrás
  • I honestly love a lot of these looks; there was a lot of creativity imo. This might be one of my favorite runway balls.

    KonstanceKonstanceMês atrás
  • First Runway Song: How I Wanna Hold U (feat. Sharlotte Gibson & Matt Moss) Second Runway Song: I'm a Winner, Baby (Skeltal Ki Remix)

    Tony QuirozTony QuirozMês atrás
  • Please I need this remix or song!!!!! What is it??? Please!!!🙏🏼

    Paul D.Paul D.Mês atrás
    • @Tony Quiroz thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

      Paul D.Paul D.Mês atrás
    • How I Wanna Hold U (feat. Sharlotte Gibson & Matt Moss)

      Tony QuirozTony QuirozMês atrás
  • What’s the name of the first & second runway song 😍

    JuLayLee BeeJuLayLee BeeMês atrás
    • @Tony Quiroz God bless you 😭

      JuLayLee BeeJuLayLee BeeMês atrás
    • How I Wanna Hold U (feat. Sharlotte Gibson & Matt Moss)

      Tony QuirozTony QuirozMês atrás
  • utica's when you order online vs lala ri's when it arrives 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    EC VlogEC VlogMês atrás
  • Omg what is the background song. Its so good

    Luka KleinbergenLuka KleinbergenMês atrás
  • There's a part of me where I'd rather see Utica not winning just by being herself on the runway. I think that's how she lose because of the "Execution"

    Chaos ChileChaos ChileMês atrás
  • Does anyone know the first runway song? 😁

    RaysuazaRaysuazaMês atrás
    • @Tony Quiroz thank you! ❤️

      RaysuazaRaysuazaMês atrás
    • How I Wanna Hold U (feat. Sharlotte Gibson & Matt Moss)

      Tony QuirozTony QuirozMês atrás
  • lol I loved seeing Michelle saying she didn't realize Rosé was from Scotland-- Michelle "your verse didn't tell me anything about you" Visage couldn't read into "feast your eyes on a bonny lass"? 😂

    Grey HigleyGrey HigleyMês atrás
  • Nobody can tell me otherwise that Rose's Money Bag look looks like Tammy Brown

    SunniAestheticzzSunniAestheticzzMês atrás
  • Did noone wanna mention that Olivia lux is wearing a damn boxing outfit which already been done. Ugh can't believe noone clocked her. Even mik changed her train conductor bc someone else was wearing a train conductor outfit already. Like come on.

    Texas baby kteaTexas baby kteaMês atrás
  • *Utica's Masterpiece's - Top Designers are asking please rewind the tape.!*

    Benito Garcia ValeBenito Garcia ValeMês atrás
  • I liked Gottmik's looks a lot, but did anyone notice how ratty/thin the wigs were for the last two looks especially?

    David-Jon BallingerDavid-Jon BallingerMês atrás
  • What's that first runway song 👀

    princessmargarette18princessmargarette18Mês atrás
    • How I Wanna Hold U (feat. Sharlotte Gibson & Matt Moss)

      Tony QuirozTony QuirozMês atrás
  • That old bag 😂😂 omg hi grandma

    FernFernMês atrás
  • YES. Put Utica in the center of that thumbnail.YES!

    Gelo VGelo VMês atrás
  • I loved most of these! But I really loved the day of the dead one.❤️

    Cheyenne GentryCheyenne GentryMês atrás
  • Anyone else think Mik was inspired by Jasmine Masters in her outfit?

    drinny26drinny26Mês atrás
    • Her power

      Lily IrisLily IrisMês atrás
  • I just love when a queen like Utica is in the show. So inspirational.

    drinny26drinny26Mês atrás
  • Olivia doing the same style as Symone in Lame you stay... huntyyy

    LegolasLegolasMês atrás
  • why is nobody talking about Denali's airbag look, it was ICONIC

    PiggyTeaPiggyTeaMês atrás
    • Tea!

      Lily IrisLily IrisMês atrás
  • Utica was robbed

    Armand BourréeArmand BourréeMês atrás
  • GOTTMIK ❤️❤️❤️ the newest drag superstar 💝💝💝👑

    Hans SolosHans SolosMês atrás
  • that one episode with the robbery on broad daylight. always remember

    Paul CelosoPaul CelosoMês atrás
  • Despite we had Lala's outfit on this ball, personally i think this is the best executed ball drag race ever had. Most of them at least got the assignment right and could be safe. Everyone is tootable except lala's last outfit. Utica, gotmik, rose, olivia, denali, elliot, tina and simon did so well. And joey is the only queen who got eliminated on ball episode with not the worst looks i think. I don't even remember any memorable outfits from s12 ball. But here we got utica's bed look, gotmik's second look, rose's bag pipe look, denali's airbag look.

    Fitri Abd RazakFitri Abd RazakMês atrás
  • Anyone know the new runway songs?

    Jonathan StilesJonathan StilesMês atrás
    • How I Wanna Hold U (feat. Sharlotte Gibson & Matt Moss)

      Tony QuirozTony QuirozMês atrás
  • I think gotmik is getting special treatment cuz he is trans

    Lia F BabyLia F BabyMês atrás

    Glorius ParulianGlorius ParulianMês atrás
  • Lala’s first look actually is a toot for me...I love the campiness of the plastic bones and how they’re placed on the dress which fits amazing and the bottom looks really good. That being said, she needed more bones on front and back and maybe a little lighter hair.

    Latisha CroissantLatisha CroissantMês atrás