Tamisha Iman’s Entrance Look | Ruvealing the Look 💋 RuPaul's Drag Race S13

8 Fev 2021
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Tamisha Iman shows us how to complete her Season 13 Entrance Look in this week’s Drag Race makeup tutorial.
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  • Tamisha Iman & Kandy Muse's “Hit ‘Em Up Style" Lip Sync brworld.info/crone/video/e6F_lsiGkLu5ndU.html

    RuPaul's Drag RaceRuPaul's Drag Race25 dias atrás
  • 🏆🤩✨🤩🏆🤩✨🤩🏆

    Adrian AndersonAdrian Anderson23 horas atrás
  • Looking forward to the Battle Back and you getting another chance! YOU EARNED EVERY ATTEMPT AT THAT $100K, MAMA!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💗💓💓💓

    BoyShelbyBoyShelby2 dias atrás
  • Flawless

    Monica NavarroMonica Navarro3 dias atrás
  • Her skin is FLAWLESS!!

    Zandra ReignZandra Reign4 dias atrás
  • You sir should be one of the faces of CoverGirl, Mack and Fashion Fair honey. Your make-up is gorgeous ❣️.

    Katherine BraxtonKatherine Braxton5 dias atrás
  • The eyes are the most beautiful I ever see

    Lisa BlamfortLisa Blamfort7 dias atrás
  • Gooourgeous

    José GodoyJosé Godoy7 dias atrás
  • Amazing

    Charleena BarnesCharleena Barnes7 dias atrás
  • Beautiful!

    Wendy IllaWendy Illa9 dias atrás
  • she forgot the burgundy in the eyebrows i think

    jared mccoyjared mccoy11 dias atrás
  • Tamisha Iman is life!!! i miss seeing her so much, its actually very sad that she had to go, i woulda saved both

    jared mccoyjared mccoy11 dias atrás
  • Ugh i love tamisha.... she’s everything

    YahYah12 dias atrás
  • i refuse to believe tamisha is in her 40's

    Denzel SugayanDenzel Sugayan12 dias atrás
  • I did not know I was ''oldschool', I put my make up kind of like you 🍓⚡🍓⚡🍓

    Juan Camilo AlejandroJuan Camilo Alejandro12 dias atrás
  • Outcome was great but wayyyy too many REPEATED steps

    Cynthia LeachCynthia Leach12 dias atrás
  • Always been a fan love her.

    Rob KnoxRob Knox13 dias atrás
  • I don't think any would look better than Ru Paul. He's gorgeous. . Honestly He Is. I actually be in aww

    Sheena p MoffettSheena p Moffett14 dias atrás
  • What a classy queen and l say "queen" respectfully. A superb tutorial by clearly a knowledgable pro with an engaging attitude. Given the amount of skill and labor and product l am assuming removal is no quick and casual task. Would love someday to see a drag makeup removal tutorial by someone of this calibre. You go gurrl...you're the best 😘

    John TuckerJohn Tucker14 dias atrás
  • I can listen to Tamisha all day, I want her to do a podcast👏

    Dulce QuinteroDulce Quintero14 dias atrás
  • I like the way she explains why she does things.

    Ruckus AskaniRuckus Askani15 dias atrás

    Walter RicksWalter Ricks15 dias atrás
  • Idk what Michelle was talking about because this face was always beeeeeaaaatttt

    jordyn ariellejordyn arielle15 dias atrás
  • Just saying but things would probably have gone differently with Tamisha if Ms. Jacqueline was still around, idk. 🤷‍♀️

    Shinyoung ParkShinyoung Park16 dias atrás
  • You are so handsome and beautiful!!! I wish You could do my makeup! Thanks for the video!!

    Nik emkoNik emko16 dias atrás
  • Tamisha

    KevKev16 dias atrás
  • your amazing tamisha hope you get better soon was gutted when you left

    alistair gunn-malcolmalistair gunn-malcolm16 dias atrás
  • I really enjoyed this tutorial, tamisha is great with "talking" and presentation. she would be good to host something lol and she's funny.

    Jaida YatesJaida Yates16 dias atrás
  • A Rainhaaaa!

    Oliveira RosanaOliveira Rosana17 dias atrás
  • She is THE mother! Not just showing us but teaching too! 🖤

    ELEL17 dias atrás
  • Not that I dont love my mom and dad. But I would have loved to have a drag mom/dad like Tamisha...

    bjosh02bjosh0217 dias atrás
  • 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

    ChrisieTinkChrisieTink17 dias atrás
  • Is it weird that I'm in love with Tamisha's eyes? I wish I had her eyes. 😭💕

    Erica MartinezErica Martinez18 dias atrás
  • Beauty tutorial star right here. I learned so much. Seriously need a Tamisha beauty channel. #LockItIn

    Samantha FarahSamantha Farah18 dias atrás
  • hermoso maquillaje❤️

    99 6299 6218 dias atrás
  • Wow 😳 that was a process, love the finished look...

    John PeoplesJohn Peoples18 dias atrás

    Mateus LeriMateus Leri18 dias atrás
  • If Tamisha can do all these steps in an hour and a half how come it takes Kahmora 6 hours to look the exact same

    That One Weird VinThat One Weird Vin18 dias atrás
  • #TamFam ❤️❤️❤️

    Agus RossiAgus Rossi18 dias atrás
  • y'all this is art.

    drkmgicdrkmgic18 dias atrás
  • how is she 50 though

    drkmgicdrkmgic18 dias atrás
  • That's a classic beat done to perfection!

    Bianca NatalBianca Natal19 dias atrás
  • That big smile, tho!

    LT *LT *19 dias atrás
  • I said what i said

    red unicornred unicorn19 dias atrás
  • These eyes are so big nice job Tamisha you are great at what you do :)

    Peter KonovPeter Konov19 dias atrás
  • This was so so different than what I usually see. Beautiful. Layers on layers, the color is so deep. Tamisha is a true professional and full of wisdom and love. I was so sad to see her go and didn’t agree with the decision.

    Lovely RitaLovely Rita19 dias atrás
  • Honestly Tamisha should be on the judges panel, she has such a big legacy.

    Nicholas McLoughlinNicholas McLoughlin19 dias atrás

    Francisco PerfectoFrancisco Perfecto19 dias atrás
  • I refuse to believe this DIVA is 50 years old

    Arthur FeitalArthur Feital19 dias atrás
  • Her entrance look was definitely her best on the show! She looks so youthful and gorgeous!! 😍

    Symmetra MeiSymmetra Mei19 dias atrás

    Savannah SalazarSavannah Salazar19 dias atrás
  • 💃😍😍😍 I am A girl and I don't have the patience or skill to do this. 😂😂

    Blu CozzyBlu Cozzy20 dias atrás
  • She’s great performance and I hope 🤞 to see you back on the Tv 📺 again mush love ❤️ 🇨🇦🇨🇦🥂🥂🥂

    Gilberto SantosGilberto Santos20 dias atrás
  • Once a queen, always a queen💕

    Earlgrey coffeeEarlgrey coffee20 dias atrás
  • Does anybody know what that liquid sealer might be?

    Luna ScarlettLuna Scarlett20 dias atrás
  • Her drag ages her terribly. He’s so youthful looking out of drag but once he starts with the black powder contour and plum cheek contour he looks like a old lady. Someone needs to inform sis that it’s not flattering. Using such harsh colours for contour like black shadow is a no he needs to use skin tones. And the purple plum blush!!!!! Has gots to go! That’s why tamisha looks like a nosy old church lady. Using more youthful browns and chocolate / cocoa colours for contour would look so much nicer than the black shadow and burgundy. I’d love to see her do some more flattering contour and peachy gold blush and bronzey tones would be so much better for her and less harsh maybe with a more tan mocha ninetys lip and smoky eye she would still be old school drag but a prettier softer version. She doesn’t seem to want to do anything new and fresh. Imagine all she does here but with complimentary tones and a fewnewer techniques. I want a painted by miss fame for tamisha so she could see just how beautiful she could look with a few slight changes so that her outward beauty can match her inner beauty.

    Miller FordMiller Ford20 dias atrás
  • I miss you already. You did amazing but the show does go on. Fame is the beginning for you now.

  • Yess she is a iconic icon in my opinion beautiful and amazing and talented

    Doran ColemanDoran Coleman21 dia atrás

    Yago LiraYago Lira21 dia atrás

    Yago LiraYago Lira21 dia atrás
  • Tamisha is just gorgeous in drag and out

    bunnitosbunnitos21 dia atrás
  • "Mess ups will happen, it's how you go about it." Tamisha Iman is giving me the Bob Ross of Drag, kinda vibes:) Children take a note, because her mug is perfection.

    mm21 dia atrás
  • I don’t mind how Tamisha does her makeup. She doesn’t need to be like everyone else. We’ve seen certain looks over and over again. I’m here for the vintage drag and I mean that in the best way! I request a season with all drag mothers!

    AbracadabraAbracadabra22 dias atrás
  • I love youuuuuuuuu

    Ana FlaviaAna Flavia22 dias atrás
  • She is PAINTEDDDD. such beauty and grace.

    NwhatnotNwhatnot22 dias atrás
  • Absolutely stunning. Tanisha Iman needs teach these kids how to be a very classy Lady without being loud and obnoxious.

    Aliene Branham EdgeAliene Branham Edge22 dias atrás
  • You look a lot better than Joey did when she did her makeup.🤩🥰🙀

    Frankie BreninFrankie Brenin22 dias atrás
  • The first queen entering as an all star

    bongobongo22 dias atrás
  • One of the best tutorials EVER!!

    924MUSIC924MUSIC22 dias atrás
  • Wow, I learned so much from this video. Tamisha's lip contouring blew my mind~I'm still thinking about it days later!

    Vita CarlinoVita Carlino22 dias atrás
  • I can hear Bob now "this is ridiculous" " I'm going insane"

    Jada RandellJada Randell22 dias atrás
  • ✨ I want Tamisha on All Stars ✨ loved her on the show, such a beautiful person in and out.

    Nina MNina M22 dias atrás
  • I have never fallen in love with an old school queen like I have with Tamisha Iman. She was such a warmth about her , and she doesn't pick on younger queens because they have less experience than her. I am incredibly sad that such an icon had to go home this early

    Jonas TulkJonas Tulk22 dias atrás
  • She is so cool. 100 percent a southern Lady. Classy 👏👏👏👏

    Andrea OrloppAndrea Orlopp22 dias atrás
  • She that's old school because she is painting for the room. That way even if you sitting in the back you get the full effect. A lot of younger girls paint to emulate a real woman and that is great for tv but not strong enough for a dark club.

    RayJ-HTRayJ-HT22 dias atrás
  • Tamisha won season 13. Here I am watching 90’s and 2000’s vids of real drag. 🖤

    Black SerenityBlack Serenity22 dias atrás
  • The queen is a makeup artist. I do appreciate the care and detail that she gave in this. She explained every step beautifully. So complex, so many steps but it was so educational. Love Tamisha!

    Oodles LoodlesOodles Loodles22 dias atrás
  • Beautiful

    BluBlu23 dias atrás
  • I can't explain what is it about her that just gives me joy to watch her even to just speak. We stan, we love we respect you, Tamisha!!!!!!!

    Paulo SilvaPaulo Silva23 dias atrás
  • Tamisha you’re a DOLL. And Michelle had the audacity to call out your makeup? Did she not see Heidi n Closet’s all season 12?!?!?

    AlexAlex23 dias atrás
  • Ms. Tamisha!😍😍

    Tiara KingTiara King23 dias atrás
  • I'm so sad to see her eliminated! You can tell she loves being an iconic drag mom with so much wisdom. Her steps and tips and how she explained everything, you can tell teaching is just natural to her. She's so talented, she has such an interesting and inspiring take on her makeup. A lot of people kind of copy and paste what is trendy, you can tell she knows what works but still grows. Her drag makeup never looked sloppy, a lot of other queens it's a mess until the end and you're like "whoa I just watched 20 minutes but how did that happen" but she was so blended and perfect the whole time.

    Mary LouMary Lou23 dias atrás
  • Her skin at 50 looks better than my skin has ever looked in my entire 25 years of life

    Lizeth FernándezLizeth Fernández23 dias atrás
  • I love the flashes of gold in this lewq (especially as the base of the upper lip to make it pop), that's such a subtle but eye-catching technique.

    ExitDominaExitDomina23 dias atrás
  • Beautiful 💘😜

    Cassandra RobertsCassandra Roberts23 dias atrás
  • Some good ole old school drag makeup

    Arthur McjoeArthur Mcjoe23 dias atrás
  • ❤️💕 we love u Tamisha!!!

    Fe TFe T23 dias atrás
  • It's the skin for me. GORGEOUSSSSS.

    Yasmin RichardsonYasmin Richardson23 dias atrás
  • Such an amazing teacher as well as a genuinely lovely person

    humblequillhumblequill23 dias atrás
  • Tamisha Iman I love you thankyou for Inspiring me

    Chrissy StewartChrissy Stewart23 dias atrás

    Derik FernandesDerik Fernandes23 dias atrás
  • A masterclass!

    Brittney MilesBrittney Miles23 dias atrás
  • I could sit here all day with Tamisha

    Brittney MilesBrittney Miles23 dias atrás
  • You are NO artist, get a real MAN job. Your still living on stimulas I'm told.

    Deje SteelDeje Steel23 dias atrás
  • her skin is FLAWLESSSSSSSSSS

    MiStiQueTMiStiQueT23 dias atrás
  • I can’t belive Tamisha is 50. Look at that skin, m’am! 👌👌👌

    Attila SzAttila Sz23 dias atrás
  • Put the effort into getting a real JOB !! C'mon dude, you are looking more stupid by the minute. You have been a mess for the 30 years you claim.

    Deje SteelDeje Steel23 dias atrás
  • An icon!

    Nick GilbertNick Gilbert23 dias atrás
  • I seriously hope Tamisha knows just how much we love her. She's a meme queen in the making with her iconic lines, and she's just a sweet person (at least from what I can see from tv and online videos). She beat cancer and is doing an amazing job at life. Go Ms. Iman!!

    Zac ManZac Man23 dias atrás
  • I don't like her make up. She's sweet as a person, and the clothes she makes are stunning ...but not the best drag queen.

    luke lukaluke luka23 dias atrás