RuPaul’s Drag Race: Peak Fierceness | Streaming on #ParamountPlus March 4th

18 Fev 2021
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RuPaul’s Drag Race starts streaming on #ParamountPlus on March 4th, so to get you through until then, here’s a look back at some of the show’s fiercest moments.
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  • My guess is that RPDR will start to lose long-time fans who don't want to pay for another cable 'plus' streaming service only to get RPDR. This will cause a dent.

    Tone ShiftTone ShiftDia atrás
  • After a night of hooking...

    Tommy PTommy PDia atrás
  • #justiceforpearl

    Manuel StrainManuel Strain5 dias atrás
  • I'm getting really tired of ru Paul jumping to other streaming services for $$$$ it's getting old now.

    Etiene LaMaineEtiene LaMaine10 dias atrás
  • Let us throw a bunch of randomness in a show...

    Kari BennettKari Bennett11 dias atrás
  • No Pearl, no Gia, this is shade :/

    Tang90100Tang9010011 dias atrás
  • And it’s on my bday great gift

    Celeb MarCeleb Mar12 dias atrás
  • That boat runway, wasn't Courtney Act in that episode? Somebody had an anchor I remember that!

    Erza FireflyErza Firefly12 dias atrás
  • I can’t process what’s going on here

    The AdministrationThe Administration13 dias atrás

    TylerTyler13 dias atrás
  • God I love Monique ❤️❤️

    MrDemimondeMrDemimonde13 dias atrás
  • Did they seriously show the boat challenge and omit Willam who won the boat challenge?

    Sarah AdelleSarah Adelle13 dias atrás
  • Take a shot every time a queen says “I’m serving” lol 😂

    Alejandro ChavezAlejandro Chavez13 dias atrás
  • Courtney acts voice ALL THE TIME in and out of drag sounds like Sophie Monk or an Australian female news reporter. ✨✨✨✨ Gotta love her representing the Australian drag beauties ❤️

    L ML M13 dias atrás
  • Cant wait to see TKB on All Stars

    Goldie PierceGoldie Pierce13 dias atrás
  • Do you all think if Silky was cast this season she would've given Gaga a piggie back ride and asked her to buy her a cheeseburger??

    Javier ParadaJavier Parada13 dias atrás
  • Kennedy Davenport's Death Becomes Her is PEAK FIERCENESS

    MahoganyEye5MahoganyEye513 dias atrás
  • Lady Gaga is a transgender.

    repetitive realityrepetitive reality13 dias atrás
  • 26:13

    LBTLBT13 dias atrás

    Erick Torr'z CadenillasErick Torr'z Cadenillas14 dias atrás
  • Queens left out of the edit: Pearl Gia Gunn Sharon Needles Phi phi O'Hara Willam

    Alessandro BenitezAlessandro Benitez14 dias atrás
  • 19:15 After a night of hooking... Poetry

    Vanni SacchettiVanni Sacchetti14 dias atrás
  • I guess one of the producers had too much PNP before they put this compilation together.

    EJ IoaneEJ Ioane14 dias atrás
  • We need Raja back please!

    ImCoolMaggieImCoolMaggie14 dias atrás
  • When you only have an intern to do a compilation and one editor to fix "problematic" girls out:

    k. k.k. k.14 dias atrás
  • So this mean is Leaving Netflix?

    F NIF NI14 dias atrás
  • I’m so confused is all of RPDR finally coming to a streaming platform??

    Almost DavidAlmost David14 dias atrás
  • 16:39.

    Haruki ShirotaHaruki Shirota14 dias atrás
  • Go into the confidence of Kennedy describing the outfit.

    Andrew SadonoAndrew Sadono14 dias atrás
  • Anyone else notice they didn’t add Willam’s boat look in this? 👀

    thenthnkylthenthnkyl14 dias atrás
  • I don’t understand the category, but I will watch 😂

    Joshua SchaapJoshua Schaap14 dias atrás
  • 12:30 For season 3, category is... shoulder ruching

    austinaustin15 dias atrás
  • Compilation : "Category Is'..

    Sasha SheltonSasha Shelton15 dias atrás
  • Lol when milk came out in boy drag rupauls smile faded in 1 second ! He always thinks he’s gana wow people by doing that and no ones impressed ever

    JonathanJonathan15 dias atrás
  • rajas walk is mesmerizing

    Faith 🍒Faith 🍒15 dias atrás
  • wait- why does this only have 3,000 likes?

    Michael !Michael !15 dias atrás
    • I'm guessing because 3000 people have pressed the like button?

      The AbrahamThe Abraham15 dias atrás
  • You didn’t include Willam’s boat (or Sharon’s) and she won the challenge 😆

    Frikka3Frikka315 dias atrás
  • Did anyone else notice that Willam and Sharon were both edited out of the boat challenge. The shade!

    theojambalayatheojambalaya15 dias atrás
  • Asia ohara...That damn dandelion hat🤯

    Maria FinkleaMaria Finklea15 dias atrás
  • What kind of video is this?

    D O D D OD O D D O15 dias atrás
  • That boat challenge was so cringe, I hope they never bring it back. She need to remain sunk.

    SamuelSamuel15 dias atrás
  • i am so confused right now, what is this even supposed to be? a special or series featuring different clips from drag race, ok i guess.. but why wouldn't you just go watch the actual episodes from the various seasons illegally like normal folk do, lol don't judge me America! i gotta do what i gotta do, ok?

    jared mccoyjared mccoy15 dias atrás
  • Milk's workroom Ru was not given enough hype

    Emily LeMoineEmily LeMoine15 dias atrás
  • Does someone wanna explain what the hell this is for

    F_M27 00F_M27 0015 dias atrás
  • did I ever forget Asia coming out as a goddamn dandelion. Workkkkkk

    Sherrie x salSherrie x sal15 dias atrás
  • Wait, what's going on here?

    SaltyPigeeySaltyPigeey15 dias atrás
  • With the thin Mo, thought it was a salute to John Waters LOLOL 💯👑😜😹

    Molly BrollyMolly Brolly15 dias atrás
  • Bianca looked so beautiful in that white and black dress

    Sherrie x salSherrie x sal15 dias atrás
  • 1:19 adore walking on beat 😍

    Jasmin ApplebyJasmin Appleby15 dias atrás
  • Why are you using 4:3 footage for the early seasons when its on Netflix in 16:9 HD? Is there no quality control at all?

    PFML84PFML8415 dias atrás
  • Lady Gaga is truly stellar.

    Sherrie x salSherrie x sal15 dias atrás
  • plz do all of rpdr s6 runways!! there’s so many amazing ones!

    AthinaAthina15 dias atrás
  • Why they didn't include Gia Gunn on Rupaul's night runway category??

    Lemon CitrusLemon Citrus15 dias atrás

    Angel MadlockAngel Madlock15 dias atrás
  • the vixen saying her catwalk is avant garde... delusion

    dayof thelordsdayof thelords15 dias atrás
  • Does that mean it will be removed from Netflix? :(

    Mephisto SchauderMephisto Schauder15 dias atrás
  • Willam’s boat look? Why did they cut it out?!

    Aarush KumarAarush Kumar15 dias atrás
  • ‘a look back at the shows fiercest moments’ according to the description for those who are as confused as me

    fishfish15 dias atrás
  • The shady editing on Milk. When he came out, the judges specifically Ru was living as shown in Untucked.

    Miss TinaMiss Tina15 dias atrás
  • Everyday I wonder how hard Season 3 was.

    Miss TinaMiss Tina15 dias atrás
  • This video didn't highlight anyone & only propagates Ru's view of what drag is supposed to look like. SMH. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Briar RoseBriar Rose15 dias atrás
    • @The Abraham I'm saying it doesn't have a point. Whats the point of this video? U tell me what u think.

      Briar RoseBriar Rose15 dias atrás
    • The show is literally called "RUPAUL'S Drag Race"

      The AbrahamThe Abraham15 dias atrás
  • 9:19 love valentinas runway look so much omg, even though it’s very simple

    Joahan StarsJoahan Stars15 dias atrás
  • Cmon Eureka give us those actress tears

    saisaiwannakaikaisaisaiwannakaikai15 dias atrás
  • Season 9 has got to be one of the best seasons ever! Forever in my heart!

    Peter VeramootheaPeter Veramoothea15 dias atrás
  • I'm not a hater but Dida Ritz runways are so very simple and pedestrian.. like it's not drag but only crossdressing

    One Fat PiggyOne Fat Piggy15 dias atrás
    • @One Fat Piggy Yaaaaaas queen.

      The AbrahamThe Abraham15 dias atrás
    • Wow that's bringing a queen down to you? Gosh, some snowflakes need to calm down and evaluate their emotions. I said what I said. Her outfits were simple. Was that so hurtful, cursing and deregatory to you? Omg.. you need to grow up. If I said she sucks as a drag queen or I don't like her then call me a Hater but stating facts doesn't mean bringing them down. It's not even an attack, you are so pressed. That's what we call Toxic Fans, I expect to get death threats lol

      One Fat PiggyOne Fat Piggy15 dias atrás
    • Sounds like hate to me. You could've just bought another queen up but chose to bring another queen down.

      The AbrahamThe Abraham15 dias atrás
  • So iconic moments of the show compilation?

    artofcottonmouthartofcottonmouth15 dias atrás
  • so why do i pay for wow present+?

    Till SoTill So15 dias atrás
  • Shut up Eureka!

    umm huh?umm huh?15 dias atrás
  • So awsummmm

    Florian De VetFlorian De Vet15 dias atrás
  • honey mahogany looked like iman! 💜💛

    marvin raphael monfortmarvin raphael monfort15 dias atrás
  • they always did Milk dirty LOL the S6 Ru runway was too ahead of her time

    My Crunchy PodcastMy Crunchy Podcast15 dias atrás
  • max's death becomes her was it

    marvin raphael monfortmarvin raphael monfort15 dias atrás
  • milk as ru still gagatundra

    marvin raphael monfortmarvin raphael monfort15 dias atrás
  • They really left out Sharon, Phi Phi, AND Willam... WOW making it clear they don’t want to associate, I suppose.

    Jason HallJason Hall15 dias atrás
  • Wtf is happening 😂

    Cassandre CallantaCassandre Callanta15 dias atrás
  • Life giving this.

    New Horizons For FiftyNew Horizons For Fifty15 dias atrás
  • I wonder at what point after repeatedly saying “dominoes,” & the drag contestant giving the “rolling of dice” gesture & Michelle saying “she’s rolling snake eyes,” did RuPaul realize that those were DICE on the gown...not dominoes? Lol

    Lauren JLauren J15 dias atrás
  • Idk but it still bothers me that S6 and S7 shared the same runway song.

    John with TJohn with T15 dias atrás
  • This and spongebob. Im gonna get it.

    ChuyIsTheShizChuyIsTheShiz15 dias atrás
  • And Where is Willam?

    Alejandro LozanoAlejandro Lozano15 dias atrás
    • On BRworld.

      The AbrahamThe Abraham15 dias atrás
  • Miss you Joslyn!

    MissPrissWorldMissPrissWorld15 dias atrás
  • And I don't see many queens from season 13 being able to serve " Eleganza". Or maybe they will be able to pull it.

    Cusimi LookingCusimi Looking15 dias atrás
  • I forgot about viviene pinay! She was so fish

    Ela HancockEla Hancock15 dias atrás
  • I miss naysha 😢 she was so fucking gorgeous

    Ela HancockEla Hancock15 dias atrás

    Analisa ReynosoAnalisa Reynoso15 dias atrás
  • Lynesha Sparks- the most underrated queen i think we've had 🥺😭 give her her roses!

    SahgeeSahgee15 dias atrás
  • what is this

    spice girls rejectspice girls reject15 dias atrás
  • Rip chi chi ❤️❤️❤️

    G. G.G. G.15 dias atrás

    divainloveforeverdivainloveforever15 dias atrás
  • One thing about Mama Ru is that she will ALWAYS be paid; this is her 10th streaming contract before she just starts her own

    SahgeeSahgee15 dias atrás
  • So all of the seasons are going to be on there?

    Daryl ThomasDaryl Thomas15 dias atrás
  • Fiercest moments boots the house down!

    Peace.Love.VeggiesPeace.Love.Veggies16 dias atrás
  • They really were struggling as to what to do about milk's werk room ru look weren't they

    Nischal PrajapatiNischal Prajapati16 dias atrás
  • can you please do every runway ever with all the outfits? i wanna relive all the runways

    Brandon EsparzaBrandon Esparza16 dias atrás
  • Gia, Pearl, Phi Phi, Sheron and Willam were all edited out

    Yoongi's TrashYoongi's Trash16 dias atrás
  • The Hat runway is one of the most underrated runways imo

    M0nstroidM0nstroid16 dias atrás
  • As soon as I saw they were mentioning categories I thought they should mention hats incredible

    Jonathan CalvilloJonathan Calvillo16 dias atrás
  • We all know that the only reason that the death becomes her runway is because of violet.

    Jansen embarrasses herself on the internetJansen embarrasses herself on the internet16 dias atrás
  • We deserve more Monique heart

    Maraj PierceMaraj Pierce16 dias atrás
  • Idk why they put a some of these runways on there...

    Shriveled TimTacShriveled TimTac16 dias atrás