Kandy Muse & Symone's Fifth Harmony’s ‘Bo$$’ Lip Sync | S13 Ep 8 🔥 RuPaul’s Drag Race

19 Fev 2021
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The bottom two Queens from ‘Social Media: The Unverified Rusical’ battle it out in a lip sync to Fifth Harmony’s ‘Bo$$.’
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  • I'm sorry but Kandy won this, it's not a joke it's a fact

    Luis Angel Rojas RamirezLuis Angel Rojas Ramirez2 horas atrás
  • Meh

    Leyye IrishLeyye Irish4 horas atrás
  • yall are forgetting this wasn't a double shantay because they both slayed the lipsync and it was too close to call. ru told kandy to sashay away then literally admitted she just wants kandy in the competition. just cos she likes her, or she wanted to see what she would do in snatch game or smth.

    tocctocc7 horas atrás
  • Is it just me or is everyone showing kandy favoritism because I feel like if symone would have Sashayed away ru would have let her. So I feel that he saved her just because she is kandy which is totally favoritism so ru I have massive respect for you but I feel that you kept kandy just because she is kandy ✊🏼💯😒

    marsanda tylermarsanda tyler10 horas atrás
    • And also I like Elliott and everyone is running over her I know she is not polished but I like her anyways ‼️💯✅

      marsanda tylermarsanda tyler10 horas atrás
  • Meh, forgettable.

    C RmC Rm11 horas atrás
  • I watched this again. Nope, Symone won this. This shouldn't have been a double shantay.

    Jan SotocinalJan Sotocinal12 horas atrás
  • 1:50 This is me during the end of any past relationship...

    Ivan BorgesIvan Borges14 horas atrás
  • “I am not going to entertain drama , chaos confusion and madness...... girl they pullin the padge , can’t be bothered “

    7ito The Gaymer7ito The Gaymer14 horas atrás
  • Oof, the favoritism is so clear this season.

    Aya PapayaAya Papaya14 horas atrás
  • "giving me that eureka kick" more like silky kick

    Tamishas lost winTamishas lost win16 horas atrás
  • Gottmik coming to hug Kandy, and then awkwardly stepping off of the stage when Ru said that Kandy could stay too. Mik you’re so cute

    abbyabby21 hora atrás
  • Rupaul's makeup is freaking phenomenal!!!!!! Are you kidding me!? Died and gone to heaven...

    Marlii VictoriaMarlii Victoria23 horas atrás
  • This IS The WORST SEASON EVER!!!! Why RU Saved That Basic Lipsync. She FUCKed Up

    acnyc 11acnyc 11Dia atrás
    • Worst season? There are countless worse seasons but go off

      kandy's silver chokerkandy's silver choker18 minutos atrás
  • Kandy had the nerve to talk about not understanding some 1 talk 😱😱😳😳

    Carolyn AdamsCarolyn AdamsDia atrás
  • I’m sorry but symone gave NOTHING

    Jovanny CJovanny CDia atrás
  • I don't know who said it, but did anyone else here a queen say "Be quite" at 0:49 😂😂😂

    SaJean PoeSaJean PoeDia atrás
  • Did Kandy realise it was a LIP SYNC?

    law4ahyclaw4ahycDia atrás
  • Kandy serving some Silky dance moves.

    Jordan KelemenJordan KelemenDia atrás
  • First safe when she didn't even know the words, now safe just because, girl you just can't say you're not there because of the producers, every week they're doing everything to keep her safe cuz she's just not it to be safe for herself.

    JJ OoJJ OoDia atrás
  • Ever since Season 9...every season has a double shantay Season 9: Cynthia Lee Fontaine vs Farrah Moan Season 10: Kameron Michaels vs Eureka Aquaria vs Eureka (finale) Season 11: Yvie Oddly vs Brooke Lynn Hytes Season 12: Heidi N Closet vs Jackie Cox Season 13: Symone vs Kandy Muse

    jojotorresjojotorresDia atrás
    • Other double shantays - Season 3: Yara Sofia vs Carmen Carrera Season 4: Sharon Needles vs Phi Phi O’Hara Season 5: Roxxxy Andrews vs Alyssa Edwards (should’ve been Alyssa and Coco) Season 6: Darienne Lake vs BendelaCreme

      jojotorresjojotorresDia atrás
  • This season is so fuckin rigged

    BvttleBvttleDia atrás

    Gaming HeroGaming HeroDia atrás

    Ebony PerkinsEbony PerkinsDia atrás
  • 1:47 Denali is Symone's backup singer

    Recipes For RuntzRecipes For RuntzDia atrás
  • Really doble shantay??? Absolutly mehh

    Luis ParraLuis ParraDia atrás
  • Let's be honest ... Symone ate it up Kandy !

    miximotomiximotoDia atrás
  • Kandy had to work extra hard because Symone wasn’t breaking a sweat and killed it

    Pedro RodriguezPedro RodriguezDia atrás
  • Kandy dont know the words xdddd focus all the lipsync in her

    Jose PaichoJose PaichoDia atrás
  • Naaaaaah!

    benedic batalunabenedic batalunaDia atrás
  • Esa decisión me dio vidaaa!

    Yoshua CamonesYoshua CamonesDia atrás
  • If they were gonna do a double it should’ve been lala and Elliot’s lip sync. I feel like their just tryna make this season so long

    KaylaxbokutoKaylaxbokutoDia atrás
  • I have a huge feeling that this will be s12 all over again "YOU ARE FAVOURITE" but you will not win the crown 👑 ☠️😆😆

    Christian AbadChristian AbadDia atrás

    Commit SeppukuCommit SeppukuDia atrás
  • Gottmik's reaction around 3:47 kills me haha

    Keenan HarduthKeenan HarduthDia atrás
  • Coco and Alyssas lipsync will never beat this one

    eduardo aloeduardo aloDia atrás
  • God I hate this song.

    viictor princeviictor princeDia atrás
  • So we all watched the same lipsync right?

    Luis RamosLuis RamosDia atrás
  • Garbage momma

    N JN J2 dias atrás
  • I think Symone did a good job

    AutumnAutumn2 dias atrás
  • No 👎

    christopher cardenas avilachristopher cardenas avila2 dias atrás
  • I can’t wait to see the ppl who are mad about Kandy being saved when she makes it to the top 4 ✨🥰

    Augustine O'ConnorAugustine O'Connor2 dias atrás
  • Finally a 5H song

    Juan Gabriel Va Valadares de FariaJuan Gabriel Va Valadares de Faria2 dias atrás
  • Last week should have been a double stay for real...

    Ceici Du'moiCeici Du'moi2 dias atrás
  • Guys just to remind you that Symone won this one, it was not a double shantay, Symone shantay but Ru saved Kandy like Dela in S6 because he was feeling like Kandy had a lot more to shows and it is her rights. Stop hating on Kandy.

    G VG V2 dias atrás
  • such a good lip sync song ruined by bulldog aja and robotic gigi

    binairebinaire2 dias atrás
    • Amy not being toxic? Just calling them what they are, a weaker version of there sisters (right now, they could be better in the future) I like symone and kandy but I don’t get the hype around them

      binairebinaire2 dias atrás
    • Chile this fan base is toxic as hell stop the comparisons

      AmyAmy2 dias atrás
  • Denali won that lip sync.

    Migo VMigo V2 dias atrás
  • If I was production I would put Tina in the bottom with Symone and save Symone, the production is sloppy

    James BrowerJames Brower2 dias atrás
  • If u pause the video at 3:36 you will continue de fantasy.

    Luis Fernando CanelónLuis Fernando Canelón2 dias atrás
  • Honestly imo this was a great lip sync and earned the double save.

    Enzo KalaniEnzo Kalani2 dias atrás

    FcknEfraFcknEfra2 dias atrás
  • 0:48 who is saying "Be quiet"?

    Gwynette RiveraGwynette Rivera2 dias atrás
  • can we get the producers from season 6 back again?

    KelzzoKelzzo3 dias atrás
  • Well, I'm just here for the "LOOK OVER HERE"

    Edge BasilanEdge Basilan3 dias atrás
  • ok but did anyone else hear the “be quiet” at 0:49

    Andre BAndre B3 dias atrás

    Recipes For RuntzRecipes For Runtz3 dias atrás
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Ross Dela PazRoss Dela Paz3 dias atrás
  • I didn’t know Camp & Rolling on the floor Was worth a Double Shantay. 🙄 elliot with 2 T & lala ri WAS THE DOUBLE SHANTAY ! Now Bring my bitch lala ri back cuz bitchhh this ain’t it ! 😂😂😂

    J SanJ San3 dias atrás
  • I think 💭 that it’s harder for ru to say good bye cause of the pandemic 😷

    Jocelyn AlarconJocelyn Alarcon3 dias atrás
  • Denali, didn't have to lipsync, lipsync anyways.

    Trung TranTrung Tran3 dias atrás
  • If Kandys "exiting" speech didn't touch you... You're simply heartless or never wanted to achieve something SO bad. I got love for the Kandy Muse ❤️🙏🏿

    Dwayne TillmanDwayne Tillman3 dias atrás
  • Kandy hasn’t even done anything spectacular at all this season, her most entertaining moment is when she argued with Tamisha, her runways and overall performance in the challenges has been pretty meh

    EvilHagEvilHag3 dias atrás
  • Poor Kandy...

    Alfonso PomasonccoAlfonso Pomasoncco3 dias atrás
  • This is not a double shantay a double shantay is miss edwards and coco

    Shaun HarvestShaun Harvest3 dias atrás
  • Meh

    Joseph Alcantara CruzJoseph Alcantara Cruz3 dias atrás
  • Such bs, it's been her 2nd time in the bottom and it was literary not even at the level of her first lipsync and symone's first time in the bottom and she turned it.... "ive had it...officially!"

    Alastair GoughAlastair Gough3 dias atrás
  • Ya'll, Kandy didn't get to stay because of the lip sync. She got to stay because of the heartfelt 'thank you' she gave Rupaul before sashaying away. She touched Ru in all the right places.

    Captain ShiversCaptain Shivers3 dias atrás
  • Bye

    OOFOOF3 dias atrás
  • Im sorry but Symone could literally just say hello and Rupaul would die of laughter

    ChocolateChip ETNChocolateChip ETN3 dias atrás
  • Kandys moments are iconic. Y’all really hate Kandy so much, reminder it’s a tv show. The drag world is more than this show.

    isaac mattiaisaac mattia4 dias atrás
    • Kandy's moments are just that. Moments; not iconic. I agree the hate for television antics is much, but her lipsync was messy, and she didn't know the words. Symone was simply better.

      QR OneQR One3 dias atrás
  • Why can't Kandy ever lip sync and dance at the same time? Girl... And y'all thought she smashed it?

    Yarotska 2019Yarotska 20194 dias atrás
  • OLivia Lux deserves the Double Shantay On this season!! she will be elimated before the finally!

    Heaven MarHeaven Mar4 dias atrás
  • Lala vs Elliot should’ve been a double shantay if anything...the favoritism - far too much

    TheoooTheooo4 dias atrás
  • I love how Elliot was trying to interact with Olivia in the back and she wasn’t having it hahhahhaa

    thee cherubbthee cherubb4 dias atrás
  • This lip sync wasn’t bad y’all just hate kandy bc she’s fat and outspoken

    LuizaLuiza4 dias atrás
  • Kandy win ths lipsync 💖✨

    Victoria Monsoon PussyVictoria Monsoon Pussy4 dias atrás
  • yes, from what we’ve seen it should’ve definitely NOt been a double shanty and only kandy should’ve stayed. BUT... i saw on kandy’s story that they have to lip sync the WHOLE song, meaning some of it is obviously off camera. so symone could’ve possibly done really good off camera, but production chose to show those clips of her which weren’t that good.

    Reece HoldenReece Holden4 dias atrás
  • Y’all are crazy if you really think this wasn’t a double shantay they BOTH slayed

    RWMRWM4 dias atrás
  • watch next episode as we get a lip-sync so great that ru just has another double shantay and eliminated kandy again.

    kyll inkkyll ink4 dias atrás
  • Honestly Symone should’ve gone home, Kandy DESTROYED her, but we can’t send home Symone i guess? 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Charlie CorreaCharlie Correa4 dias atrás
    • @QR One Majority of the fandom (comments and reaction videos) thought that Kandy won actually, but go ahead sis, go off

      wrecksswreckssDia atrás
    • Girl, no. You're like THE ONLY person here who thinks Kandy did better, and sis also didn't know her words.

      QR OneQR One3 dias atrás
  • You should just let kandy go he wants to be with Joey gay

    Eduardo AvocadoEduardo Avocado4 dias atrás
  • Is it just me or is Kandi not even mouthing the right words...

    Mark CordellMark Cordell4 dias atrás
  • welp, kandy officially can't win the season. she lip synced twice.

    MeowzMeowz4 dias atrás
    • @A D ok but that was caaaaaaaaaaaanada. this is u.eeessssssss.

      MeowzMeowz4 dias atrás
    • Priyanka lipsynced twice and she won, so... That assumption isn't certifiable anymore.

      A DA D4 dias atrás
  • OMG minute 1:49 look at kandy's face that is terrifying

    cam aguilarcam aguilar4 dias atrás
  • Symone's lipsyncs are so boring. She makes that same face and everybody goes like LMAOOOOO. Honestly she isn't even that funny. Oh, and this should've been a double elimination.

    Guilherme MarquesGuilherme Marques4 dias atrás
  • Yes it shouldn’t have been a double save but the hate sent to Kandy is just not necessary. She didn’t make the decision. Did you expect her to object when ru told her to stay????

    Princeskeeternoodle92Princeskeeternoodle924 dias atrás
  • I Enjoy watching these queens slays weekly on an ENTERTAINMENT show.... funninly enough. They all know what to expect when they apply. just enjoy what you are watching.

    Thatgaybitch XThatgaybitch X4 dias atrás
  • Girl symome did literally nothing

    Donal FarrellDonal Farrell4 dias atrás
  • 3:49 Priyanka, is that you?

    NyakaatNyakaat4 dias atrás
  • The beginning was fine, actually. It got lost after that.

    Erik EmeröldusonErik Emerölduson4 dias atrás
  • Kandy win this

    HelpHelp4 dias atrás
  • Lip sync starts at 0:31

    Joshua MartinezJoshua Martinez4 dias atrás
  • I think Symone should've went home not a double shantay

    Melanie's HeartMelanie's Heart5 dias atrás
  • foi tao emocionante esse episodio.

    janjão bhzjanjão bhz5 dias atrás
  • *Are we just going to have a double shante every season darling?*

    CavitiesCavities5 dias atrás
  • I dont like Kandy’s character but she is talented and good tv. I am glad that she stay 💖

    Santiago VelascoSantiago Velasco5 dias atrás
  • Literally NOBODY asked for this double shantay

    MauMau5 dias atrás
  • This double shantay was a CHOICE smh like really that was the worst lipsing this season...

    Ca RiCa Ri5 dias atrás
  • Unpopular opinion : iconic lipsync, deserved double shantays

    Nathan DoubletNathan Doublet5 dias atrás
    • I'm glad it stayed unpopular

      John Eisley TiuJohn Eisley Tiu5 dias atrás
  • Don’t forget this was NOT a double shantay. Kandy DID get told to sashay.

    CubistCatCubistCat5 dias atrás
  • I came for fifthharmony

    Haikal FathinHaikal Fathin5 dias atrás