Joey Jay’s Promo Look | Ruvealing the Look | RuPaul's Drag Race S13

1 Fev 2021
166 546 Visualizações

Joey Jay shows us how to achieve her Season 13 Promo Look in this week’s brand-new makeup tutorial.
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  • Joey Jay and LaLa Ri’s “Fancy” Lip Sync

    RuPaul's Drag RaceRuPaul's Drag RaceMês atrás
    • he gives me Channing Tatum vibes out of drag

      RosiRosi8 dias atrás
    • owh so he is the latest porkchop

      MonarC MonarCMonarC MonarCMês atrás
    • I loved his style. I hated it when he left.

      Pancake 52Pancake 52Mês atrás
  • Omg, Joey wit ALL THIS MOVING IS MAKING My stomach 🤢 upset.!!!

    Catherine ShinnCatherine Shinn6 dias atrás
  • Joey jay is very handsome... I like him

    Tanya GomezTanya Gomez7 dias atrás
  • really good

    Stacey CeasarStacey Ceasar8 dias atrás
  • Great job......beautiful. Lost the filthy need for it. Manners first always. Thank you

    Pedi PatsyPedi Patsy11 dias atrás
  • would u make me up

    Stacey CeasarStacey Ceasar15 dias atrás
  • I thought that was u

    Stacey CeasarStacey Ceasar15 dias atrás
  • I'd wife her 👍😍

    Dan JohnsonDan Johnson18 dias atrás
  • Marry me joey jay i wud let u wear whatever u want lol

    red unicornred unicorn19 dias atrás
  • Worst tutorial ever

    Bruno StrunkBruno Strunk19 dias atrás
  • I think if she let the back of hair grow out a bit, she could do more playful stuff with her hair. Add ponytails, pieces, different colors, etc. and still maintain her butch queen look most of the time. It’s super difficult to work with a buzzed back like that beyond covering with wig

    LetMePlayWIthIT BroLetMePlayWIthIT Bro20 dias atrás
  • Such an adorable person. Sorry to hear that he’s straight

    LetMePlayWIthIT BroLetMePlayWIthIT Bro20 dias atrás
  • yum

    idol lodiidol lodi21 dia atrás
  • What a personality! An icon gone too soon honestly

    AA22 dias atrás
  • As a fellow Phoenician... I would die before wearing a wig in triple-digit weather.

    Better Than ThisBetter Than This23 dias atrás
  • OK but the NUMBER of times this man had me BURST into laughter... why did I not know he was hilarious until just now? I honestly stan. Joey plz start a BRworld channel. I would watch you for DAYS.

    Darcy AdelleDarcy Adelle24 dias atrás
  • What is the skincare routine?

    Jack BarryJack Barry25 dias atrás
  • Why is Tamishas makeup tutorial taking forever to be posted????

    jruizpccjruizpcc27 dias atrás
  • I love the look

    Beauty With RissaBeauty With Rissa27 dias atrás
  • Man u r so stunning ❤️❤️❤️💋

    Love2FFu MisterLove2FFu Mister27 dias atrás
  • could watch you all day... you are utterly adorable. And beautiful!

    Lulu WhiteLulu White27 dias atrás
  • I would die for Joey

    VenusVenus28 dias atrás
  • There's going to be a day, one day when spraying our faces with setting spray & contouring, etc. will look so ridiculous. Wait.. it does now! 😆

    Briar RoseBriar Rose28 dias atrás
  • Joey, gurl, we need more content from you. Like, I need to have you on my BRworld. I need this!

    angelicdexterangelicdexter28 dias atrás
  • Joey is the definition of a twunk

    Miguel CenaMiguel Cena28 dias atrás
  • GORGEOUS!! If you do end up dating Kandy, could you please help her with her face and clothes please.

    Marc pMarc p28 dias atrás
  • i love you imagayassbitchim joey jay

    tamz sturgeontamz sturgeon29 dias atrás
  • This eyebrow explanation was gorgeous! every time I block my brows I beat the glue away with all of the product I put on top and never knew what I was doing wrong

    Alyssa MercerAlyssa Mercer29 dias atrás
  • Filler queen she was....

    Angad S.Angad S.29 dias atrás
  • he's handsome

    ItsKarliItsKarli29 dias atrás
  • Stunning 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 x x

    Claire OsborneClaire Osborne29 dias atrás
  • joey vajajay, sashay away. Like, far far awayyyyyyyyyyyyy ..... bye, felicia !!!

    Hans SolosHans Solos29 dias atrás
  • “People who are rich stipple.” Lol

    nieceypiecey100nieceypiecey10029 dias atrás
  • Great Queen! Love her look

    nieceypiecey100nieceypiecey10029 dias atrás
  • Kandy is fully drooling right now

    _grass__patch__grass__patch_Mês atrás
  • Take a shot everytime Joey says work

    Marlayne MelendezMarlayne MelendezMês atrás
  • Joey is such a joy to watch ❤️ just oozing charisma

    Topher HoffmannTopher HoffmannMês atrás
  • This is gonna sound crazy but I think Joey is gay

    Yeeter McSkeeterYeeter McSkeeterMês atrás
  • U were cheated!

    Breah SaldanaBreah SaldanaMês atrás
  • From the comments i’ve seen recently on RPDR YT channel, it comes to me that the fandom is really much fun and supportive of the queens. Especially the the ones who’ve been eliminated like, Kahmora who’s always 6 hrs late, Joey the first openly gay queen. I mean, they’re probably sad, that they didn’t make too far in the competition. But with fandom like this, who turn their fun little moments on the show into the MOMENT, i’d personally feel really special and happy☺️😇✌️

    _monamono__monamono_Mês atrás
  • You did so good!!!!! Gonna take notes!!!! 💅🏼💗💅🏼💗💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Dennis PerezDennis PerezMês atrás
  • 0:30 Joey acting so cute is ♥️♥️♥️

    Mark Planca OfficialMark Planca OfficialMês atrás
  • She’s freaking wild with that eyeliner omfg 🙀

    Re MoonRe MoonMês atrás
  • I'm gonna miss Joey so much ! Love from Canada

    Alexandre DAlexandre DMês atrás
  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas Joey... love you!!!

    Anthony MoodyAnthony MoodyMês atrás
  • Questions, comments, concerns? 🤣🤣🤣

    Reun ReidReun ReidMês atrás
  • girl where are the wigs, oh my god you need wigs.

    fkaciggsfkaciggsMês atrás
  • Is it just me that likes Joey with no eyebrows? 😳

    Raen PadrónRaen PadrónMês atrás
  • I really like him. 🥰

    ritchiereechritchiereechMês atrás
  • I love this boy .. is so cute !!! 🥰🥰🥰

    DiAr VeRiDiAr VeRiMês atrás
  • Joey such a sweetheart 💜

    Esther AguilaEsther AguilaMês atrás

    FreakOfNatureFreakOfNatureMês atrás
  • I love your character ❤️ I love your makeup ❤️ I love Joey Jay❤️

    Toni WrightToni WrightMês atrás
  • I'd kill to see Trixie paint her.

    Abigail WendtAbigail WendtMês atrás
  • I think I'm in love

    Yo anYo anMês atrás
  • the bravery of Joey Jay coming out as gay on national TV.

    Jorge EnriquezJorge EnriquezMês atrás
  • Goddess, Joey is so handsome. If I were an American, I would probably move to his city just on the sliver of blind hope.

    Nelson ThangjamNelson ThangjamMês atrás
  • We love our first openly gay queen on the show

    FreyabentFreyabentMês atrás
  • Joey without eyebrows looks like laila McQueen I love it tbh

    FreyabentFreyabentMês atrás
  • filler queen indeed

    Matheus SouzaMatheus SouzaMês atrás
  • He's meatier Carson Kresley and u cant change my mind

    Mark John RojasMark John RojasMês atrás
    • @Olwyn Glover by meatier i mean he looks like, not sound like or anything. Ghawd mama education is important

      Mark John RojasMark John RojasMês atrás
    • if you mean because of his voice, clos your eyes and imagine Valentina when he's talking lol. I have changed your life forever..

      Olwyn GloverOlwyn GloverMês atrás
  • Best makeup tutorial by far ❤️ love u Joey

    BrunoSaraiva11BrunoSaraiva11Mês atrás

    Koukoumi'TVKoukoumi'TVMês atrás
  • the most loveable person ever lol

    Nal DeryogaNal DeryogaMês atrás
  • She's not even purposely joking but she's making me laugh

    macmacMês atrás
  • Okayyy that is some good eyebrow coverage

    macmacMês atrás
  • she should change her name to Joey Trade

    dariogeminis87dariogeminis87Mês atrás
  • Am I the only one who broke their neck just watching Joey Jay turn her head....

    Steven FernandezSteven FernandezMês atrás
  • This was so funny Joey was a natural at this! And oof the finished mug was so beautiful. I was in hysterics, love you Joey!

    Emma TamlynEmma TamlynMês atrás
  • Anyone want to play guess the products? Obviously it’s a beauty blender that she’s not allowed to say lol. I think it could be Milk Hydrogrip primer on the bottom half of the face. I wonder if the concealers were Make Up Forever? Of course old faithful Kryolin tv paint stick was front and centre as always. Anyone know what the lip could be?

    Emma TamlynEmma TamlynMês atrás
  • Joyseph Jaymes is feeding me

    Buoy BlaiseBuoy BlaiseMês atrás
  • We love a butch queen 👑

    Andrea DeansAndrea DeansMês atrás
  • She is so sweet i love her so much 💜

    Francini JiménezFrancini JiménezMês atrás
  • i was just staring at his amrpit in the entirety of this video

    Jigs LorenzoJigs LorenzoMês atrás
  • He's so gay or whateva...

    Jay GlezJay GlezMês atrás
  • You have some clever makeup hacks Joey Jay! I like how you used the actual shadow of your jaw to guide where you applied your contour.

    Benjamin BerryBenjamin BerryMês atrás
  • Congrats on being the first gay drag queen!! So brave!!🙌🙌🙌

    Elixxirr OfficialElixxirr OfficialMês atrás
  • Joey is so cutee!

    Elixxirr OfficialElixxirr OfficialMês atrás
  • He is so cute

    Will GuimarãesWill GuimarãesMês atrás
  • Will the eliminated UK Queens be featured here too?

    nayfulnayfulMês atrás
  • I wonder why they all wear head phones for this

    notmyselfuseenotmyselfuseeMês atrás
    • So that we can hear the audio okay

      Olwyn GloverOlwyn GloverMês atrás
  • Love from Nova Scotia!!

    pitpony2006pitpony2006Mês atrás
  • You are soooooooooo Adorable 🥰

    ArnaldoLuis NarvaezCuevasArnaldoLuis NarvaezCuevasMês atrás
  • The armpits tho 👉👈

    Anial GujAnial GujMês atrás
  • Season trade!

    ShaunShaunMês atrás
  • I prefer the before than the after

    Daniel Martínez ChávezDaniel Martínez ChávezMês atrás
  • Call me arrogant..... I mean candy, but I got a crush on Joey Jay

  • nobody: joey: using anything but an angeled brush for eyebrows

    blqqsblqqsMês atrás
  • you look stunning, baby very sexy

    Shay TaliaferroShay TaliaferroMês atrás
  • No wig? Not a Stan

    George GGeorge GMês atrás
  • So handsome and beautiful

    Travis MaupinTravis MaupinMês atrás

    ShaeDollFaceShaeDollFaceMês atrás
  • Kahmora: *does just skin care* “wow 45 minutes already? Joey: watch me glue my eyebrows down in 15 seconds

    Anna WilsonAnna WilsonMês atrás
  • Party starts at 3:21.. Love the JoeyJay Pit Experience

    urzula meowmeowurzula meowmeowMês atrás
  • Even with brows covered, Joey looks gorgeous. I can't, God really has favorites-

    Do KyungsxoxoDo KyungsxoxoMês atrás
  • Justice for Joey 🥺

    Angelena MontoyaAngelena MontoyaMês atrás
  • This is my hair I don’t wear wigs

    Nick PotterNick PotterMês atrás
  • I need to know what that second primer is!

    Brooke SargentBrooke SargentMês atrás
  • " No! " - Michelle Viage

    Victor MendesVictor MendesMês atrás
  • I love Joey Jay. Like don’t get me wrong I stan her and she looks stunning without a wig but I feeling like Joey looks better with a wig on. Like I get it and respect it but I’m just saying. Sue me

    Santos AbeytaSantos AbeytaMês atrás