Joey Jay and LaLa Ri’s “Fancy” Lip Sync | RuPaul’s Drag Race

30 Jan 2021
602 504 Visualizações

First things first they’re the realest! The Queens facing elimination after the Bag Ball turn out a sickening lip sync to Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.”
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  • i watch this everyday

    lara molonylara molony8 horas atrás
  • And she did go home, sis.

    Naranjita NaranjaNaranjita NaranjaDia atrás
  • Tamisha's face while watching Lala is heartwarming af.

    jphiiljphiilDia atrás
  • “I know how lala lip syncs. And I know she’s about to let me have it.” Makes me laugh every time

    HookerHookerDia atrás
  • I actually loved joey’s garment. It looks like something one of those parisian fashion houses would come up with imo

    Onin BaluyotOnin BaluyotDia atrás
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    Ana MorrisAna Morris2 dias atrás
  • This should’ve been the double shantay

    SnailSnail2 dias atrás
  • Lala started incredibly. Then Joey took over. Then she let those banknotes go up at the worst possible time, since you couldn’t almost tell what had happened, and as they rained... Lala murdered her by starting to pick them up. From there, it was over.

    Jorge Michelle Rodríguez RamírezJorge Michelle Rodríguez Ramírez2 dias atrás
  • I love this got dayum show!!! Yass Queen's yall show out!!! Show the world we out her yasss..

    Ceici Du'moiCeici Du'moi2 dias atrás
  • Lala killed it. One of the best lipsyncs ever👍🏿

    Scare bearScare bear2 dias atrás
  • To quote one of my all time favorite queens Bob “Alyssa you’re safe” because me through this look

    Kiyana smithKiyana smith2 dias atrás
  • I love how Ru and Michelle turn to each other for those iconic moments

    Carmen Sakhile Medina DelgadoCarmen Sakhile Medina Delgado2 dias atrás
  • 2:43 THE LAUGH

    JuniorJunior2 dias atrás
  • The gay contestant has left the stage.

    RANKSRANKS3 dias atrás
  • Tbh in my opinion Tamisha should've been in the btm instead of joey

    Landon RichterLandon Richter3 dias atrás
  • Lalari kinda looks like my dad and it confuses me in so many ways 😂😂😅😅

    M KHAM KHA3 dias atrás
  • this lipsnyc deserves a double save than symone and kandy's

    soakedlemon _soakedlemon _3 dias atrás
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Dan Ruiz!Dan Ruiz!4 dias atrás
  • lala ri's outfit kept falling apart until the point she ended up naked and that's unforgiveble imo, joey won this

    JulianJulian4 dias atrás
    • Delusion

      thespb01thespb01Dia atrás
  • Even this is more deserved for a double shantay in comparison to Kandy and Symone's lypsinc :(

    Ignacio LaraIgnacio Lara5 dias atrás
  • This was truly the Lala Ri experience oh honey!!

    Ruby ReedRuby Reed5 dias atrás
  • My heart broke with this elimination. I was really pulling for Joey. And the fact that she lost to that (and I'm using this word generously) 'garment' was salt in the wounds. Choices.

    KnitGuyyKnitGuyy5 dias atrás
  • Really thought Lala should’ve gone home with this dress, but there is no way she would’ve gone home with this performance. Like girl she effortlessly slayed a girl who was already performing pretty well!!! Ugh I miss Lala hope she comes back for all stars asap

    definitely notzacdefinitely notzac6 dias atrás
  • Tamisha Iman living for her baby

    dendendenden6 dias atrás
  • I prefered joey jay over la la the bald look im sry there is only one sasha velor i cant take lala seriously without her wig plus joey served it in this song wig an all

    Steven ValenciaSteven Valencia6 dias atrás
  • When The Lala Ri experience is so severe the editors don’t even bother with Joey Jay’s “reveal”

    Diogo MelloDiogo Mello7 dias atrás

    Alexis LalliAlexis Lalli7 dias atrás
  • 2:44 where is Trixie??

    Fresh Avocado2Fresh Avocado27 dias atrás
  • They both did great.

    Fe2uyoga with JasonFe2uyoga with Jason7 dias atrás
  • I'm sorry that was a murder

    Rafael Fuentes VázquezRafael Fuentes Vázquez8 dias atrás
  • Joey jay walking across the stage gives me ptsd

    Pokemon Top10Pokemon Top108 dias atrás
  • "Never Turn down Money," indeed. La la said...hold on

    kjdnyhmghfvbkjdnyhmghfvb8 dias atrás
  • if only lala split twice during her lip sync with elliot

    Ousmane DiopOusmane Diop9 dias atrás
  • Joey really served us that 🗿 face throughout this lipsync

    NaimTahaNaimTaha10 dias atrás
  • I am a Rupaul Fanatic!! But this season, not so much.

    Linda WilliamsLinda Williams10 dias atrás
  • I still wonder what Lala had in the bag.

    JadduckJadduck11 dias atrás
  • Hahaha Denali at the back 1:57 😂😂

    Jaffar BrarJaffar Brar11 dias atrás
  • Rosé bouncing in the background is so cuteeee😭😭😭

    Alex AysonAlex Ayson11 dias atrás
  • I don't care what anyone else says. I didn't really care for LaLa Ri's lipsync. It was "eh" at best.

    DarkWinter8DarkWinter814 dias atrás
  • Joey shouldn't have been in the bottom two to begin with. It should've been Kandy and LaLa Ri. And LaLa Ri should've been sent home for that bag look, alone.

    DarkWinter8DarkWinter814 dias atrás
    • another person not understanding what the function of lsfyls are part 453

      Droop SmoopDroop Smoop13 dias atrás
  • Joey was in slo-mo in the first half of the lipsync GAHAHAHAHAH

    My Cheese My RulesMy Cheese My Rules15 dias atrás
  • Learned how to do the lalari

    Mr CrumbsMr Crumbs16 dias atrás
  • 2:49 what happened?

    given buck buildersgiven buck builders16 dias atrás
    • Kandy Muse was shouting.

      Maniche CarbyManiche Carby12 dias atrás
  • Fancy is sucha great song

    ricofresh22ricofresh2217 dias atrás
  • at 1:47 you'll see a proud momma looking at her daughter

    Mark Vincent RebultanMark Vincent Rebultan17 dias atrás
    • aww waiit that's so sweet 🥺🥺

      miodomiodo12 dias atrás
  • That bag dress made Derricks tin man look like gucci

    Michaela SaundersMichaela Saunders18 dias atrás
  • I’m telling you if I had to lip sync to this song there ain’t no way I would lose

    Chase ReiterChase Reiter18 dias atrás
  • God Lalari should've went home for that outfit alonee

    Rey DCRey DC18 dias atrás
  • Joey looks like Cheryl

    Cam Cami Cam-camCam Cami Cam-cam18 dias atrás
  • should this go down in lip sync herstory? yes it should

    Big BoiBig Boi18 dias atrás
  • Bless Joey Jay's heart at 1:45, he prob thought the queens were screaming YASSS for him, but it was for Lala lol

    Anzee XOTWODAnzee XOTWOD19 dias atrás
  • Joey Jay: I'm not going home today Joey Jay: *goes home today*

    DAN JLPDAN JLP19 dias atrás
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      sweetgirrl888 james99sweetgirrl888 james996 dias atrás
  • when mama lalaaaa ri Did that walk from the top off the stage I said WINNNER

    Alicia NeedhamAlicia Needham19 dias atrás
  • I love the judgmental look Tamisha gave to Lala Ri when she was doing her stuff on the floor, like “no ma’am I didn’t raise a ho”

    Jose Daniel Herrera OchoaJose Daniel Herrera Ochoa19 dias atrás
  • If the lip sync this season is on the other seasons the lip sync this season will be double Shantay for shore

    snake royalteasnake royaltea19 dias atrás
  • This was better than nickydoll and dahlia

    Keenan CarterKeenan Carter19 dias atrás
  • Wait I’m a Lala Stan but now rewatching and looking at Joey, Joey killing it tooo! 👏🏾👏🏾

    Rose MichelRose Michel20 dias atrás
  • 2:43 not Trixie being on the set

    Finn StaamannFinn Staamann20 dias atrás
  • 1:42

    Egg EggEgg Egg20 dias atrás
  • For her outfit alone Lalari should have lip synced against herself

    MaximilliusMaximillius21 dia atrás
  • almost forgot to watch this masterpiece today

    shreya xshreya x21 dia atrás
  • This is an amazing lip sync, they both did so well but lala just killed it!

    ElizabethElizabeth22 dias atrás
  • Honestly, this is a show. Both killed it for me. Great lipsync. It's INSANE that this outfit was saved. Nice job LALA!

    AngeliseValenyaAngeliseValenya22 dias atrás

    Vianna Kids ShowVianna Kids Show22 dias atrás
  • .

    Kopi's Gameplay & MoreKopi's Gameplay & More22 dias atrás
  • When she picking up the money, I died lol

    darknessplaguedarknessplague22 dias atrás
  • 🤩🤩✨🏆✨🤩🤩 LaLaRi

    Adrian AndersonAdrian Anderson22 dias atrás
  • So this episode has one of the best constructed looks ever to grace the main stage (Utica's final look) and also one of the worst looks in the show's history (Lala Ri's final look) but Lala and Joey slayed the Lip sync.

    VelvetProjectVelvetProject23 dias atrás
  • S13 has AMAZING LIP SYNCS especially after s12

    save me pleasesave me please23 dias atrás
  • I hope we get a denali lala ri rematch

    simone ksimone k23 dias atrás
  • Joey Jay should not have left. Not that I am against lala, (well now to me and my sister the paper bag princess), but Her outfit SUCKED SO MUCH, she should have been eliminated right off the hook. Joey was one of my favorites, and she deserved to stay much longer.

    Sarah KilfoilSarah Kilfoil23 dias atrás
  • I think Joey just wasn’t ready

    Love POKÉMONLove POKÉMON23 dias atrás
  • Lord bitch, not bitch!

    Crestial WintersmithCrestial Wintersmith23 dias atrás
  • After this entire episode, my love for Lala Ri grew extensively. EPIC.

    LaurenLauren23 dias atrás
  • Have Joey Jay Onlyfans???

    Diego AliagaDiego Aliaga23 dias atrás
  • Why is NO ONE talking about kandy sounding like the exorcist at 2:48

    Ishmael BullIshmael Bull23 dias atrás
  • yes joey, lala made you have it kkkkk

    Caique MoraesCaique Moraes24 dias atrás
  • Lala picking up that cash really did save her.

    Keenan HarduthKeenan Harduth24 dias atrás
    • Coulda, It was her catching that beat point blank off the top. True entertainer lol

      Robert HudsonRobert Hudson23 dias atrás
  • Now this is what we call a battle. Joe throwing the money with a fierce walk and Lala turning this stun into her advantage picking the tips from the ground. Joey could have been back into the game if he was pointing while cat walking at Lala which tips to pick from the ground.

    Doychin KutsarovDoychin Kutsarov24 dias atrás
  • Kandy lookin like a surprised Pikachu

    Law AboLaw Abo24 dias atrás
  • Serena Cha Cha: no one will beat my bad lewks, LaLa: hold my Bubly water!

    Andy SimmonsAndy Simmons24 dias atrás
  • She literally had me at "First things first I'm the realest" 🤭😌🙌💫, but she won the whole thing when she snatched those dollars 😁😝💸💅point blank period dot com. 😌👑💯✨

    Miranda ProcopioMiranda Procopio24 dias atrás
  • Nobody gonna question why Joey was BTM2 in the first place? Her looks are masterpieces compared to whatever the hell Kandy made.

    HydrangeaArtHydrangeaArt25 dias atrás
  • Stop sleeping on LaLa Ri, she is an icon lol

    Xavion GorhamXavion Gorham26 dias atrás
  • I cannot stop watching this; La La Ri ATE!!!

    Inetha CousinInetha Cousin26 dias atrás
  • 1:42 is when La La won this for me

    Lauren ElizabethLauren Elizabeth26 dias atrás
  • Gosh that outfit🙈🙈 so bad it gotta be intentional.... Even quick drag outfits have more construction😳

    turtlegeneralturtlegeneral26 dias atrás
  • Lala Ri was dancing her way out of those gift bags.

    Bryan EverettBryan Everett26 dias atrás
  • Dare I say this was better than Kahmora vs Denali..... screw it this was better

    ArchyA AArchyA A26 dias atrás
  • Joey is a all star

    Pedro SalgueroPedro Salguero27 dias atrás
  • the way i imagined fancy by twice😡😡😡😡

    n0 !n0 !27 dias atrás
  • Why is the word retarded censored?

    Alejandro AguileraAlejandro Aguilera27 dias atrás
  • I cackle everytime I hear Rupaul speak in that faux British affectation.

  • I just thought Joey did better. Just me. :)

    Christian ZaragozaChristian Zaragoza27 dias atrás
  • When LalaRi started picking up them dollar bills I knew it was over.. That was hilarious!! I love it when performers play with their environment, their opponent's moves, or just give a good ol' improv 🤣🤣

    Cloudy- AhCloudy- Ah28 dias atrás
  • Lala had a wig and that bag and she couldn’t get the damn thing open

    Mitchell SlatteryMitchell Slattery28 dias atrás
  • Joey should have stayed. I mean at least his outfit didn’t fall off during the lip sync, and brought his own money too LOL

    Mikey RushMikey Rush28 dias atrás
    • she was so stiff during the first half. and she basically disappeared around the end.

      Manu SotoManu Soto26 dias atrás
  • I'm here again after Nina Bonina Brown said Lala Ri was looking like a whole ass Shaquille O'Neil on stage lol

    Kayla RomoKayla Romo28 dias atrás
  • This the good season, omg

    FluffyUnicornFluffyUnicorn28 dias atrás
  • It’s pretty pointless to start the video with a spoiler alert countdown but include the queens name in the title lol

    Deryl AllenDeryl Allen28 dias atrás