Best Of Jujubee 🤣 RuPaul’s Drag Race

26 Jan 2021
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Since her first appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race in Season 2, Jujubee has delivered a whole lot of laughs and looks - here are some of her best moments from all three of her seasons.
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    RuPaul's Drag RaceRuPaul's Drag RaceMês atrás
    • Bianca del Rio!

      EmilyEmilyDia atrás
    • Chad micals

      Amen MsarwhAmen Msarwh2 dias atrás
    • Alaska

      Amen MsarwhAmen Msarwh2 dias atrás
    • Raven & Ginger Minj,

      Jason PerezJason Perez4 dias atrás
    • My queen without crown

      El PivaEl Piva4 dias atrás
  • Jujubee singing gives me chill And that performance was even better than the record version

    Tony少 Beauty Inside OutTony少 Beauty Inside Out25 minutos atrás
  • 1:06 she also foreshadowing her snatch game as Earths Kitt like Katya does

    Tony少 Beauty Inside OutTony少 Beauty Inside Out55 minutos atrás
  • “Brown chicken, brown cow”😭😭

    Jax BJax B5 horas atrás
  • Jujubee is one of the fiercest queens to ever walk on Ru Paul's Drag Race runway.

    José LoaizaJosé Loaiza11 horas atrás
  • Why didn’t you have her finale look😭😭

    Ayanna BrownAyanna Brown19 horas atrás
  • alyssa edwards

    ariyanna hernandezariyanna hernandezDia atrás
  • pls do

    ariyanna hernandezariyanna hernandezDia atrás
  • Juju and Raven’s lip sync will never not make me emotional 😢

    T DT DDia atrás
  • Man... that lip-sync against Raven - tears!

    Take ItEasyTake ItEasyDia atrás

    Robert PiccianoRobert PiccianoDia atrás
  • I fucking love JuJu Bee 😭👑 hands down my favorite queen 💕

    Alexiyah FryAlexiyah FryDia atrás
  • “Confidence. Without confidence, we are Tatiana.” I DIED 🤣🤣🤣

    Tea laBluTea laBluDia atrás
  • I love Raven and Jujubee's friendship

    Princess Lysslyn M. DelerioPrincess Lysslyn M. DelerioDia atrás
  • Uhhhhh Juju Bee & Alec Maya the same person or nah??? 🤔

    Jaleesa MilburnJaleesa Milburn2 dias atrás
  • Jujube you just made me happy because I see a real person in you. Girl always remember that if you have a good heart, your beauty never fades..

    Jalooka LimJalooka Lim2 dias atrás
  • The sordid straw predominantly crush because wren psychologically store up a precious stinger. salty, dusty voyage

    Byron ReyesByron Reyes2 dias atrás
  • the fact that tyra’s read wasn’t there! LITERALLY CUTTING EVERYTHING OFF

    CaleboopCaleboop3 dias atrás
  • I had no idea his real name was Airline 😂😂

    Marasha AreonnaMarasha Areonna3 dias atrás
  • I love love love Juju B

    Private PersonPrivate Person3 dias atrás
  • the lipsync between raven and juju broke me

    Angel RoseAngel Rose3 dias atrás
  • Love Jujubee love her

    iwantmuscles69iwantmuscles694 dias atrás
  • 27:05mins "Mayhem Filler..... Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sor- I mean MEH-hem Miller" I can watch this forever and forever I'll be laughing.

    Fernando IshirujiFernando Ishiruji4 dias atrás
  • omg their friendship is priceless

    Liu GamingLiu Gaming4 dias atrás
  • poor them:((

    Liu GamingLiu Gaming4 dias atrás
  • The line "I want fried chicken now" Has never spoken to me before, and now I want Fried Chicken

    KunoichiHawaiiKunoichiHawaii4 dias atrás
  • I started watching drag race because it kept popping up on my Netflix, but I stayed for Jujubee

    Amy RobinsonAmy Robinson4 dias atrás
  • When I sign to BRworld there's so much I want to watch, but end up watching rudr for 3 hours..❤️

    Cristina .FilipeCristina .Filipe5 dias atrás
  • aw this

    ASMR. publik emenyASMR. publik emeny6 dias atrás
  • Team RaRajaBee!!! Love you girls!!!

    AmyAmy6 dias atrás
  • Where's Eartha Kitt and Black Velvet!?!?!

    Nakul HalmathNakul Halmath6 dias atrás
  • 27:43 Ricky Martin really was like,” oh wait hold up... they can sing!?”

    sapphireluvsapphireluv8 dias atrás
  • ClassAct 👑🏁

    Tristan Cavendish-GrosvenorTristan Cavendish-Grosvenor8 dias atrás
  • not me almost crying because of raven and jujubee's lipsync- pls

    AvaAva8 dias atrás
  • She has so much heart ❤️ and so much sass

    Lisa HaosLisa Haos8 dias atrás
  • Need a best of MANILLA, LATRICE, JINKX, & DELA, please!

    Holly GoldenHolly Golden8 dias atrás
  • Lawd Ru wigs on season 4 but I miss Ru interacting with the girl’s

    Ms SagittariusMs Sagittarius9 dias atrás
  • I love jujube drag queen royalty as far as I'm concerned! You beautiful bitchhhh!

    michael boxmichael box9 dias atrás
  • *im serving fish honey and this aint trout*

    KK10 dias atrás
  • Jujubee for MSG

    Fernando CicconeFernando Ciccone10 dias atrás
  • How dare you not include Snatch Game of Love in this compilation - blasphemy!

    xjennifahhhxxjennifahhhx11 dias atrás
  • U didn’t put the black velvet the best lip sync out there lol.

    victor cassvictor cass11 dias atrás
  • 11:30 younger siblings when you even touch them

    Electric Eric CartmanElectric Eric Cartman11 dias atrás
  • She is gorgeous, talented and fucking hilarious

    Laloni ChesterLaloni Chester11 dias atrás
  • I enjoyed this video tremendously. Show more best of all the queens. I love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Deneen NashDeneen Nash12 dias atrás
  • She has one win and she is a legend. Work bitch 😎

    Thomas ChapmanThomas Chapman12 dias atrás
  • I loe how the titel of the video is "Best of Jujubee Laugh Out Loud :)" and then they just show the biggest meltdown she has had on the show like wtf is that about :/

    Robin StumppRobin Stumpp13 dias atrás
  • That's a beautiful voice.

    Miriam PlummeridgeMiriam Plummeridge13 dias atrás
  • Jujubee is so fish. We stan it.

    Sean HarrisonSean Harrison14 dias atrás
  • This video shows only a few dozen of the HUNDREDS of reasons she’s one of my favorite queens!

    Ronnie FergusonRonnie Ferguson14 dias atrás
  • I love Jujubee beautiful spirit

    Stephanie MarieStephanie Marie14 dias atrás
  • The fact that one of the first things she says on AS5 is about how both times she’s been on she got third place then gets third place again this season 😭

    BishopBishop16 dias atrás
  • Jujubee is the ONLY Queen out there that can make me pee my pants laughing while tuggin on my heartstrings enough to reach for the box of tissues. I've never figured it out...she steals my heart like no other.

    Study CaseStudy Case16 dias atrás
  • You can really tell that even as far back as Season 2, RuPaul genuinely liked Jujubee. So often when Ru's making chit chat with contestants, it feels like exactly that--just small talk between people who will never see each other again. But she's actually engaged with what Jujubee has to say.

    Allison TempleAllison Temple16 dias atrás
  • They should make these queens legendary hall, not a hall of fame. LEGEND! Along with Manila, Shangela, Katya and all of those that deserved that crown but was so robbed

    Just MeJust Me16 dias atrás
  • ตกใจแต่ดีใจที่แม่ลั่นภาษาอีสานออกมานะคะ!!! I was so shocking but at same time delightful to hear your mother tongue even wasn’t a nice words but funny teasing toward friend beside made a joke about his chin ☺️ I can’t help to loves you mama juju! ♥️

    Wendy C.Wendy C.16 dias atrás
  • 27:18 bitch.. i almost die chocking on durian...🤣🤣🤣

    Jonathan MagelhenJonathan Magelhen17 dias atrás
  • we love you Jujubeeeee

    Myrthes MonteiroMyrthes Monteiro18 dias atrás
  • we all need the support that RuPaul gave when she looked around to make sure everyone loved her vocal performance

    Joseph CarmonaJoseph Carmona18 dias atrás
  • The true Winner of AS5. Sorry Shea, not sorry. Give her the crown.

    Dustin WidlokDustin Widlok18 dias atrás
  • I just love that Jujubee.

    Stefano MagaddinoStefano Magaddino18 dias atrás
  • Girl Raven and JuJu made me cry at their elimination

    Delightful SoulDelightful Soul19 dias atrás
  • Jujubee: Can I spray whipped cream down your pants. Random guy: Sure. Rupaul: what. Rupaul's mind: this is amazing but also how are people this dumb.

    RawrRawr19 dias atrás
  • Damn I would buy any single that came out of her mouth. Her voice is amazing. You just have to stop what you're doing and listen. She's so captivating

    FT WFT W19 dias atrás
  • Raven and Jujubee's battle, so good.

    Matthew NormanMatthew Norman19 dias atrás
  • "i want fried chicken now" literally me after the 10th mental breakdown in a ros

    Laura TolomeoLaura Tolomeo19 dias atrás
  • We need Best of Raven pls 👏🏻

    birenikapachkibirenikapachki19 dias atrás
  • I’ll be back when y’all stop playing and give my aunty the crown 🙄

    Ashamae SwyerAshamae Swyer19 dias atrás
  • We need a full version of "Clap Back" on BRworld 🙏🙏

    Paulo CortezPaulo Cortez19 dias atrás

    The Diamond Studded DollThe Diamond Studded Doll19 dias atrás
  • So happy to know jujubee is from the same city and place I am 😌✨

    U w UU w U20 dias atrás
  • upload the clapback perfomance!!!!

    Andrei HaloǔčankaAndrei Haloǔčanka20 dias atrás
  • 28:21 who is responsible for making mama ru makeup look so dark in comparison to her neck

    Becky GoodyBecky Goody20 dias atrás
  • was there a SINGLE dry eye in the audience during that lip sync?! one of the most gut wrenching moments in herstory

    Natasha HuttNatasha Hutt20 dias atrás
  • Top 5 funniest RPDR queens ever

    adrenaadrena20 dias atrás
  • Jujubee not winning any season is ridiculous. She is the full package and the life of every season she’s been on. She is definitely a fave

    ForevaLaTrelleForevaLaTrelle20 dias atrás
  • If I was watching juju and raven lip sync against each other, I would have just packed my things and went home. Call me Katniss because I volunteer!

    C DonovanC Donovan21 dia atrás
  • 22:00

    Tyrone Jr.Tyrone Jr.21 dia atrás

    Simón MejíaSimón Mejía21 dia atrás
  • Asian boys always look like realistic women when in drag

    Jenni LopezJenni Lopez21 dia atrás
  • I'm sorry Jujubee but... ... Raven! Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... love You both!

    Jacek PiotrowiczJacek Piotrowicz22 dias atrás
  • Where is the Eartha Kitt??????????

    Drew MagathanDrew Magathan22 dias atrás
  • No "cancelled barbecue" read?

    OliverOliver22 dias atrás
  • Jujubee is by far my favourite on Season 2!!! I was so sad when she was so close but didn’t get to the final two!!!

    Charlotte SHEACharlotte SHEA22 dias atrás
  • I just can't believe that she didn't won season 2 ❤

    Agatah MellAgatah Mell22 dias atrás
  • Who’s the boy who threw the glitter in clap back?! 😍✨

    Providence TarotProvidence Tarot22 dias atrás
  • Ru’s wigs were BUSTED way back ...

    David WilkesDavid Wilkes23 dias atrás
  • Ma’am plz do Shangela next. She was robbed of a crown already don’t rob her of one of these vids

    micmic23 dias atrás
  • ICONIC. And also im still processing the fact that his legal birth name is AIRLINE! 😦

    Flowerwolff -Flowerwolff -23 dias atrás
  • She is really somebody ❤️🔥

    Uno RagotUno Ragot24 dias atrás
  • Ajuda meu canal ai Girlsss

    Lua MistikLua Mistik24 dias atrás
  • I keep coming back to her lipsync with Raven, sooo emotional

    Nathan SmalesNathan Smales24 dias atrás
  • after all these years raven v juju lip sync makes me ball my eyes out its still so heart breaking

    cattywampuscattywampus24 dias atrás
  • My dad died of throat cancer so I understand

    Adrian HillAdrian Hill24 dias atrás
  • She is just a whole mood

    Mirae NakajimaMirae Nakajima25 dias atrás
  • I love you so much

    Tonya WilsonTonya Wilson25 dias atrás

    Liberté BowLiberté Bow25 dias atrás
  • How does this icon not have a crown, yet?!?!

    NehmiNehmi25 dias atrás
  • God she is my fave for life.

    sweekley92sweekley9225 dias atrás
  • I m not completely found, but im not as lost as i used to be. Oh baby😟

    Prabhu MenonPrabhu Menon25 dias atrás